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Angry Birds 2 – LiveOps

  • 10 million downloads 10 days after release
  • +100K DAU after porting to Windows
  • $600 million in lifetime revenue
  • #1 downloaded game in 2015
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Game Intro

Lethal, armed, dangerous, and desperate to recover eggs, stolen from their next, very angry flock of birds in Angry Birds 2 can do everything they’ve been doing in the first series of a puzzle platformer, but better: with sparkles, boomerangs, level-ups, hat evolution, and so on.

We’ve helped Rovio to port the game to Windows — read more about it here — and afterward, we were preoccupied with making sure desktop players were enjoying their time in the game.

Our Contribution to This Game

Challenges & Goals

Our job was to support, maintain, and upgrade Angry Birds 2 on Windows.


We’ve managed to increase game revenue by cutting update cycles. Apart from, obviously, supporting and upgrading the Windows version along with changes made in mobile-based ones, we regularly organized sales, arena-based tournaments, events and mini-events, etc. They gave players new challenges and tasks and rewarded them with items and skills that enchanted their experience — and they were glad to participate, so the retention metrics soared.

Solutions & Expertise

Our LiveOps team updated Angry Birds 2 on Windows and introduced a data-driven approach to planning updates & creating events according to players’ feedback both on the main game experience and on previous events. They also adjusted revenue streams to fit players from different regions, produced more content to attract new players — also based on player analytics, — and created a process that allowed them to update the game more frequently.

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