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Angry Birds 2 – Porting

  • 10 million downloads 10 days after release
  • $600 million in lifetime revenue
  • #1 downloaded game in 2015
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Game Intro

Rovio released a sequel to their smashing puzzle platformer in 2015 — the birds got angrier and more lethal. On the main quest, the flock of birds we’ve known — Red, Chuck, and others — discover that The Pigs band has stolen their eggs and commit to returning them. In Angry Birds 2, Red is more furious than usual and can boomerang, there are spell cards that grant birds special abilities, an online arena where players compete to figure out who’s more skilled in, you know, rage, etc. Rovio improved graphics, perfect mechanics everyone loved in the first series, added a few movie references, and got another astonishingly successful game. iLogos helped them port it to Windows.

Our Contribution to This Game

Challenges & Goals

We needed to adapt the UI and UX of Angry Bird 2’s mobile version to Windows and build processes that would allow us to quickly publish a new version in the Windows Store, with all Windows-related SDKs integrated. Also, our LiveOps team needed to maintain the Windows version.


After we’ve ported Angry Birds 2 to Windows, Rovio reached a new audience — so far, they have 100K daily active users that play the desktop version of a game. That gave them quite a boost to the revenue and made the platformer and Rovio’s brand even more recognizable. Rovio’s team also didn’t have internal expertise with porting on Windows Store, so with our experts they didn’t need to look for them, recruit, and onboard them.

Solutions & Expertise

Our product team transferred all graphics, mechanics, and other little things that made up a good user experience to Windows and prepared for publishing. Then, we updated, upgraded, and provided support for Angry Birds 2 on desktop — read more about that here.

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