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Tribal Wars

  • 59 million installs
  • 16 years old, still rolling
  • More than $100 million in revenue
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Game Intro

“I will pay someone to attack the “Invincible Empire” on Tribal Wars. I am so serious. I swear you will be compensated. World 122.” (real Reddit post)

For the casual gamer, Tribal Wars is a pretty straightforward browser-based strategy. Build a village, raise an army, cultivate the land, start recovering resources like wood and iron, move on to conquering nearby territories and villages to cease their resources, expand your dominion while defending it from other players. Casual gamers, though, are pretty often dropping off after 20th level — and that’s where it gets really interesting.

It’s an open-world game, with different maps sitting on different servers. So: both experienced players and those who are willing to move forward fight for dominance over the map of this and neighboring worlds. It’s a never-ending fight-for-resources race in Middle Ages settings. Tribal Wars is built for people who want to consistently spend hours within it, and it’s super easy to get absorbed into clever politics of expansion and wars — which is why the game is alive and thriving after 16 years.

Our Contribution to This Game

Challenges & Goals

Friendship has ended with Adobe Flash Player as Adobe has stopped supporting it, so Tribal Wars had to stay in-browser via other means. iLogos needed to recreate the game using a modern game development toolkit for the web.


We successfully refreshed the game by moving it to updated technology. That allowed Innogames to recover its ranks among browser strategies, retain old players and attract new ones. iLogos helped them create new content, refresh visuals, and upgrade existing software architecture, setting it up for faster updates.

Solutions & Expertise

We reverse-engineered Flash Player-based Tribal Wars and built it anew — with better architecture and look — via javascript.

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