Game Development & Design for an N-Dream’s AirConsole Runner

Runner for AirConsole

  • AirConsole has 4.6*/5 on App Store
  • A runner game for a “browser-based gaming platform with your smartphone as a controller”
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Air Console

Game Intro

N-Dream, a Zurich-based startup, came to us to develop a running game for their cloud-based AirConsole platform. AirConsole is a place where specific kinds of games are released — games that would be displayed on Smart TV and controlled via players’ smartphones. 


Our collaboration happened in 2017, and coming into 2021, AirConsole already has more than 150 “native” games, exclusive to the N-Dream platform, and a spoken partnership with BMW, that plan to use Air Console as a foundation for their in-car entertainment. 


Back in 2017, we helped them create one of the first “party” multiplayer games they released — a runner.

Our Contribution to This Game

Challenges & Goals 

We need to create a “party runner”: a game where up to five people could connect to the AirConsole and run through the levels. The game’s core loop was Subway Surfers-like, but other demands have been different. 

The graphics had to fit Smart TVs’ resolutions, the backend had to include and sustain a well-developed, resilient multiplayer system. Game designers, artists, and UI/UX specialists had to keep in mind a distinction between the device for graphics (TV) and the device for controls (smartphones) and build the visuals and UI for the game on top of it. 


Obviously, such a development process was somewhat novelty and a challenge, but that was the thing that excited our team and pushed us to find ways to resolve it. 

After half a year, we’ve developed a runner with beautiful 3D graphics and fluid animations, controls that worked well on any relatively new models of a smartphone, and a backend that both gracefully withstood connectivities with a cloud and provided great performance for players. 

This party game was one of the first N-Dream released to attract both players and game studios to AirConsole. 

Solutions & Expertise

Our engineers utilized their knowledge of server-side programming to create a backend that will make the game robust — and still easily connect to AirConsole APIs. Our game designers and UX/UI specialists worked with artists and client-side engineers to develop an interface that would both be familiar to players who are used to playing runners and easy to pick up for those who aren’t (it is a party game, after all.) 3D artwork was done in Adobe Photoshop and Maya.

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