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Tribal Wars 2

  • 4.6/5 stars on App Store
  • New, stunning visuals
  • New monetization mechanics
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Game Intro

“The game is great. Never took away from the old TW1 style yet was able to add more to the game.” (App Store)

Tribal Wars 2 is a sequel to a legendary browser strategy we’ve also worked with (check out the case study here). All things players love: competition over resources, battles with neighbors, plans for global domination that interfere with other players’ plans for global domination.

Tribal War 2 is several steps forward from the first one in terms of visual (created with a spirit of the original, artwork become even more beautiful) and in-game monetization mechanics (now, players can buy more advantages and level-up much faster, which is a source of endless annoyance and challenge for others). It’s also more casual-friendly than the first part and is available on mobile and desktop, not just in browsers.

Our Contribution to This Game

Challenges & Goals

InnoGames came to us to delegate their Live Operations for Tribal Wars 2 — that meant, we had to make a quick knowledge transfer and a pipeline to maintain, support, update and upgrade the game.


And indeed, we did all that. We gathered our talented developers and QAs who have been fans of the series — they’ve studied InnoGames’ internal processes, game documents, development practices, etc. — and started working as a LiveOps team. This team managed to shorten development cycles, which allowed for more frequent updates & new events within Tribal War’s community and subsequently positively impacted player retention and game revenue. The delegation also meant InnoGames’ in-house team could focus on other cool projects.

Solutions & Expertise

We recreated all operations InnoGames had for live operations within Tribal Games 2 on our side — so we could do all maintenance, player analytics, and updates on our own.

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