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Warhammer Combat Cards – 40K

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Warhammer Combat Cards

Game Intro

Warhammer 40,000 is a popular gaming franchise that grew from a tabletop game of the same name. It’s a real-time war strategy thousands of people love, in all forms (there’s even a book), and Well Played Games developed their own version of the game based on a popular IP: a CCG with real-time multiplayer. 


In Warhammer Combat Cards, a conflict between Imperium of Man and alien species and servants of Chaos has a new playing field: a card table. Players build their decks, picking cards with new characters and boosting their skills. Then, they fight with other players in real-time PvP battles within time-limited events and campaigns and compete over top places on the leaderboard. When leveling up, players get access to more and more cool combat cards with powerful Warlords (fans of the franchise would be able to find many familiar faces here), and can upgrade their abilities — Warhammer Combat Cards has 349 main cards, and oh, they do make a difference. That makes combat even more fun and engaging — unlocks multiple new strategies and opportunities to land a win. 


iLogos helped Well Played Games port the game from mobile to desktop.

Our Contribution to This Game

Challenges & Goals 

Porting the game from mobile to Windows meant we had to implement a lot of changes to the UI and controls of Warhammer Combat Cards (re-engineer them from being developed for touchscreen, for instance) while sticking to the demands and guidelines IP owners created for Well Played Games. 


Because we often work with IP-based game development projects, we were ready to deliver the level of attention to detail and meticulousness they usually demand, — but multiple re-iterations have been still challenging. 


We also needed to prepare a desktop version of Warhammer Combat Cards for uploading to Steam and Windows Store, — the game had to pass multiple compliance requirements and be seamlessly integrated with Windows Store API. 


Warhammer Combat Cards was a popular title before the release of its desktop version, but the launch of the latter allowed Well Played Games to tap into a new audience. Reviews show that many have waited for the game’s release on Steam and Windows Store, — and new players appreciate what the title has to offer: they love core gameplay that looks easy and simple “but gets more strategic when you look more into it.” 

Solutions & Expertise

Our team ported the game using Unity and C++ engine Warhammer Combat Cards utilized. They’ve re-engineered controls and redrawn UI to fit PC player experience and made sure everything in the desktop version of the game follows IP guidelines. Preparation for release on Steam and Windows Store API integration have been quite challenging, but the porting team completed the task swimmingly. 


iLogos team also created a lot of new graphics and artwork for pre-release campaigns — and our devs optimized and polished the way the game’s C++ engine works for the desktop version of Warhammer Combat Cards.

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