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Forge of Glory

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Forge of Glory

Game Intro

Forge of Glory is a 3D MMORPG game with a match-three core mechanic. A player assembles a party with characters of different skill sets and goes on an adventure to explore the world, build their kingdom, and prove to other players and the world’s inhabitants whose magic is more awesome. Players go out into dungeons to collect relics and artifacts, explore various locations, and complete quests within them — in other words, do your usual RPG routine.

Among interesting mechanics and features, there are: the summoning of monsters and souls that defend the player’s castle while the main party is out in the world; tactical puzzles: if a player cleverly beats a match-three puzzle in the battle, they can beat the enemy with a nice fighting combo, powerful spell, and so on; dragons (and who don’t love them); online guild battles; and many, many others. 

For four-five months, we’ve provided LiveOps services for Forge of Glory.

Our Contribution to This Game

Challenges & Goals 

iLogos needed to provide Forge of Glory with updates: we were to develop new mechanics, quests, features, and so on. Among particularly challenging tasks we would highlight working with the client’s custom backend infrastructure. Because part of it was inaccessible for a third-party team (it contained sensitive business logic), we had to come up with workarounds to adapt to the pipeline and make sure all updates were implemented correctly. 


Our LiveOps team made sure Forge of Glory gets updated with engaging and bright new content while maintaining a high level of the game’s performance. 

Solutions & Expertise

We handled game design and development, fixed bugs, did all the necessary maintenance and support tasks, and prepared the game for updates — in one word, did everything LiveOps.

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