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My NFT Wars

Game Intro

My NFT Wars, is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that promises to take you on an unforgettable journey. Ever since its inception, My NFT Wars has been turning heads and attracting the support of investors like moths to a flame. On February 3, 2023, the game successfully raised a whopping $2M in its Series A round. With a total of 9 investors on board, the most recent being Vinor Zukhubaia and Nika Tech Family, we can safely say that the force is strong with this one.

Face Vicious Foes and Collect the Ultimate Loot

Imagine yourself delving into mysterious dungeons and ancient ruins, where unprecedented treasures lie guarded by monstrous creatures. Only the most daring will emerge victorious.


Survive the Deadly Arena and Earn Your Glory

Picture the excitement of stepping into the shoes of a fearless gladiator, your heart pounding as the crowd roars with anticipation. The clashing of steel and the taste of victory are all that matter in the deadly arena. 


Unite, Conquer, and Create Lasting Bonds with Your Guild

Remember that in the world of My NFT Wars, unity is the key to triumph. Team up with your fellow adventurers, form a mighty guild and conquer the lands together. Whether you wish to wage wars of conquest or embark on knightly campaigns, your success lies in the strength of your bonds.


So, are you ready to heed the call to adventure? Gather your virtual armor, rally your comrades, and dive headfirst into the enthralling world of My NFT Wars. Play, create, and own your journey like never before. The path to glory awaits!

Our Contribution to This Game

Challenges & Goals 

When we began developing our game in the web3 market, we faced significant obstacles primarily due to the unfavorable perception of GameFi projects in the industry. This perception stems from numerous instances of artificial token liquidity and rapid loss of liquidity after product release, resulting in low-quality games with poor retention and engagement rates. Additionally, the existing web3 games focus on profit farming, neglecting gameplay quality and making the onboarding process both difficult and expensive.

In light of these challenges, our goals for the My NFT Wars are:

  • Create an easy and approachable onboarding process to make it simple for new users to start playing the game.
  • Establish long-term sustainability by developing a stable and sustainable in-game economy.
  • Develop high-quality game content in line with traditional game market standards to ensure high retention and engagement rates among players.
  • Design rich gameplay experiences seamlessly integrating token-based economy elements without compromising the overall gaming experience.
  • Encourage organic token liquidity growth by implementing proven gameplay strategies, liquidity mining, and smart staking approaches.
  • Attract the free-to-play audience by offering a familiar user experience (UX) to bridge the gap between traditional gaming and web3 gaming.
  • Adopt a community, guild, and data-driven development approach to ensure continuous improvement and adaptation based on player feedback and market trends.


  • Community-Driven Tokenomics: Our community-driven tokenomics model has allowed us to reward all token holders, ensuring that players are incentivized to participate in the My NFT Wars ecosystem. This has not only will foster a sense of belonging but also promote player loyalty and long-term engagement.
  • Sustainable Economy: By developing a sustainable economy secured by AI-driven game balance mechanisms, we will be able to adapt to both upscaling and downscaling. This ensures the game remains fair and enjoyable for players of all skill levels while maintaining a stable economic environment.
  • Play-Create-Earn Model: We implemented the Play-Create-Earn model, which allows players to truly own their in-game assets and earn rewards for their participation. This model will attract more players to our platform and has empowered them to build wealth through their gaming experience.
  • Innovative Gameplay Experience: Our new gameplay experience provides organic token liquidity, keeping the ecosystem healthy, profitable, and beneficial for the entire MNW community. This will enhance player engagement and satisfaction, as they can see the tangible benefits of their involvement in the game.
  • Accessibility for Traditional Players: We develop an easy for traditional players from Web2 communities to transition to Web3, ensuring a wider audience reach and increased adoption of our game. By making the game accessible and appealing to both existing and new players, we will expand our user base and contribute to the overall growth of the My NFT Wars community.

Solutions & Expertise 

We are convinced that the future of GameFi extends beyond mere profit farming and encompasses the capacity to earn, possess, and enjoy gaming, culminating in “organic liquidity.” To realize this vision, we at iLogos Game Studios have collaborated with the esteemed crypto collectible game developer, Blockchain Cuties Universe (a prominent player in blockchain and NFT gaming since 2017). Together, we have successfully introduced a pioneering GameFi experience within the crypto-game development industry.

To tackle the challenges and achieve the objectives set forth, we designed an all-inclusive solution for My NFT Wars, which incorporated seamless onboarding, immersive gameplay experiences, top-notch game content, and a sustainable game economy. This well-rounded approach catered to Web2 and Web3 communities, ensuring a satisfying gaming experience for all players.

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