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Star Battle: Space War

  • Inspired by Clash of Clans
  • “Cool story, nice gameplay,” — reviews
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Star Battle: Space War

Game Intro

Star Battle: Space War is a sci-fi strategy game, inspired by Clash of Clans. The plot follows a team of fighters and scientists who make a desperate do-or-die effort of saving humanity from Gallarians. Gallarians are alien hunters, who are unhappy with human exploration of space and their discovery of Spice, a mysterious substance that can alter the flow of time, and another one, called Essence. They arrive at the enemy’s planet, to mine those substances and destroy Gallarians’ bases, and the Fate of Humanity depends on their skill, resource management, and fighting spirit. 

A player can enjoy the story by selecting different missions across the planet’s map or enter PvP contests to fight other players in real-time. In Star Battle, they develop their HQ and the station around it, deploy heroes with different abilities and quirks to defend it, mine the planet for resources, and attack Gallarians’ bases scattered across the planet. Players use Essence and Spice as game currencies to build new facilities, hire new fighters and advance their outpost. The game hits really heavy on resource control — successes of offenses and defenses depend on careful planning. It also has amazing voice actors. 

We started developing this game for another company, but, after they abandoned the project, we decided to release it ourselves.

Our Contribution to This Game

Challenges & Goals 

We’ve developed Star Battle: Space War from scratch, and that meant the creation of the game concept and core loops, economy tuning, art, animation, and development all have been on us. Motivated by the success of Clash of Clans, we wanted to create a similar strategy, but with a different, bright twist, more plot focus, and engaging resource management dynamics. 


We released Star Battle after a year of working on a project. We’re pretty happy with its story, characters, and gameplay. Although we’re not supporting Star Battle anymore — our interests lie elsewhere — we think building it was a good exercise in full-scale development from concept to release. 

Solutions & Expertise

Our team drew art for the game in Adobe Photoshop and worked in 3DMax and Maya to model art assets and prepare them for integration into the game. We’ve used Unity to build the game and .NET Core to create a backend for it. 

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