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Pearl’s Peril

  • Fastest-growing Facebook Game a month after release
  • 1 million DAU within 24 days
  • 56 million installs
  • “Countless hours of fun” (App Store)
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Game Intro

The 30s of the past century. Pearl Wallace, an ace pilot, receives a telegram about her father’s suicide and finds out he left her an inheritance of Artemis Island. She didn’t speak with Samuel Wallace for a long time — at least, they didn’t have a civil conversation — and now, she has to drop everything, leave her life in New York, and go home. She takes her friend with her, and everything seems fine — as fine as it can be when you go to your parent’s funeral — but Pearl sees a raven on the beach and can’t help but feel… uneasy by the whole thing.

Of course, suicide will soon appear not to be a suicide and Pearl goes on a trip around the world, to uncover the truth bit by bit. Truth, though, is rarely pure and never simple.

Pearl’s Peril is Wooga’s hidden object detective game — suspenseful, rich in details, and intricately written.

Our Contribution to This Game

Challenges & Goals

iLogos art team needed to fit new art into the original art style, maintain a steady production pace that aligned with Wooga’s update plans, and set up a process that’ll enable smooth collaboration between two teams.


First, we had so much fun with this! We created lots of new art pieces for character interactions, scenes, and metagame (in which players, to rest from murder, did a little Sims-like reconstruction and decorating on the island — to our joy and wonder, after solving the mystery, people spend years exploring their opportunities here). With more content and frequent updates, players engaged with the game better, and Wooga’s revenue from Pearl’s Peril increased.

Solutions & Expertise

As planned, we devised a pipeline that allowed us to seamlessly collaborate with Wooga’s art team, exchange ideas, and generate new amazing content for a story without losing quality and sticking to scheduled updates.

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