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Zombie Attack! Clicker

  • 3 unique heroes trying to survive the zombie hell
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Zombie Attack! Clicker

Game Intro

Zombie Attack! Clicker is an idle game developed by Zimad studio, where players have to live through a terrifying zombie apocalypse. It has everything the games in the genre have: different weapons that sprung out from treasure boxes, stress-inducing waves of zombies coming at the player’s screen, and the scariest of them all — zombie bosses who need to be defeated for the safety of us all. 

Within the game, players move via railroad to different locations with significant zombie infestation, fight endless piles of mindless enemies, and win prizes and achievements. There are also scoreboards for friendly competitions on who’s better at destroying zombies. The gameplay is simple — you have to tap to shoot — and zombies’ speed of movement can be adjusted. iLogos helped develop the visual style, drew backgrounds, and created character designs for this game.

Our Contribution to This Game

Challenges & Goals 

For this project, we had to decide on visual style — both the game’s and its characters. We also had to create almost all main art assets: character items and clothes, backgrounds for the game, and character design. 


When figuring out the best style for Zombie Attack! Clicker, our artist settled on a 3D cartoonish style. We’ve designed clothes and appearances for zombies and three main characters, drawn detailed items — gloves, helmets, first aid kits, armored vests, bags, goggles — in one word, everything a person trying to survive the apocalypse would need. 

The idea was to build characters (and enemies) in a way that would be familiar enough for people who’ve played a lot of FPS zombie games, but, at the same time, would feel unusual and interesting — and we think we’ve reached the goal. We also worked on art assets for background. 

Solutions & Expertise

For our work on the project, our artist used Adobe Photoshop to paint and cut art assets and studied a lot of references from zombie-related media to develop a distinct art style. 

They worked for two and a half months and composed short art style guidelines for artists who’ll be adopting the style if Zimad wanted to update the game with new characters.

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