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Big Friendly Giant

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  • Based on the movie and the book
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Game Intro

Big Friendly Giant is a pretty straightforward, yet challenging match-three puzzle game with two main characters, Sophie, an orphan girl, and a Giant Man with a trumpet, both from the book by Roald Dahl and a movie by Steven Spielberg of one name. Amazing visuals, opportunities to play with friends, and a journey through different locations of the world — like Dream Country — are applied.

The game has scoring goals you have to beat in a level using a limited number of moves, boosters that allow you to score more, and a reward system that tracks how fast you’re merging items. We built it from scratch.

Our Contribution to This Game

Challenges & Goals

iLogos developed the game entirely, based on the IP Reliance Games had, and made sure it will rock the casual games market.


You probably think it’s pretty hard to rock the casual games market, considering that puzzles are, at first glance, very similar. Well. We developed a game — and after the launch, Big Friendly Giant, the puzzle was pushed right to the Editor’s Choice section of the App Store, gaining an audience immediately and bringing Reliance Games new opportunities for promotion.

Solutions & Expertise

IP from DreamWorks meant we had a niche, which is a frequent component of successful development and launch. We also had incredible mobile game developers with hu-u-ge experience of pushing the quality of the game through lightning-fast performance and UX and artists, skilled in creating beautiful things.

We matched the game release with an original movie release, finding a perfect product-market fit: old fans of Roald Dahl’s work and new fans, created by the power of cinema, will be searching for more.

We developed this Unity game from scratch, from prototyping to launch and post-release live operations, created all concepts, mechanics, features, art, animations, VFX, — everything to make sure it’ll land as planned. We also did a small soft launch before the release to see if players would love Big Friend Giant without the additional motivation of the movie — and they did.

Time-to-market has been of the essence, and we’ve released the game just in time.

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