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  • Free, open 3D metaverse platform for all creators
  • Top fashion company working within Metaverse —web3.commerce
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Spatial Port
Metaverse 3D Shopping App Developmen

Game Intro

Spatial Port’s app is a 3D immersive marketplace for selling and buying real products and NFTs. It’s gamified — users create their avatars and walk through the streets with billboards, luxury shops, and small stores; social — they can talk to each other; and has stunning graphics. 

Spatial Port is a startup founded in Italy and California, by tech experts who are excited about XR solutions, metaverse, and web3. The idea of Spatial Port came to them because they wanted to create a more accessible and open metaverse experience for creators than existing solutions in the niche can offer. 

We’ve created a prototype of this app for them. 

Our Contribution to This Game

Challenges & Goals 

Clients wanted us to craft a small prototype of an interactive cyberpunk city — to animate crowds and cars in there, and create buildings for the shops, billboards, and other elements of the environment. 

Their goal was to replicate the shopping experience in the virtual world that, in some aspects, looks like ours, and in others — is completely different. 

We also were tasked with crafting models for exclusive products to be showcased on the streets.  


Our expertise in building VR and AR solutions helped us build the prototype fast, — and Spatial Port is planning to fully release their app by the end of 2022. 

Solutions & Expertise

We’ve assembled the internal logic of the app, 3D assets for the environment, and UI in record time, and the majority of the development was dedicated to polishing and refining graphics within the streets of Spatial Port. Everything had to look realistic and magical at the same time — and everything had to run smoothly on devices the client had picked (iPhone XR and higher, Samsung A50 and higher.)  

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