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Cosmos Invictus

  • “A layer cake of strategy”
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Cosmos Invictus

Game Intro

Cosmos Invictus is a collectible card game (CCG) with real-time multiplayer, developed in a sci-fi genre. It focuses very hard on strategy and tactics and is praised for that focus. 


The story is that in the 25th century, after humans colonized a major part of the Solar System and Earth was, as they’ve warned us, devastated by climate change and conflicts, those who could afford to leave the planet and explore the vastness of space discover remnants of the alien civilization. They’re called Pathfinders, and it occurs they’ve often visited the system and left behind artifacts of extreme power. Colonists divide in opinion on what to do with Pathfinder’s relics: one faction thinks they should be used to restore and revitalize humans’ home planet, and another — that they should power expeditions further into the depth of the galaxy. They clash, and the war begins. 

Players are offered to pick a faction they most empathize with and join the battlefields with collectible cards. Here comes the focus on strategy: only players who think through various aspects of battle mechanics: spacecraft stats, enhancements, battlefield positions, boons and boosts for attack and defense, and so on — can win easily. That is where Cosmos Invictus differs from Hearthstone: that title has been an inspiration, but focus on positioning and gaining tactical advantage on the board gave a unique twist to the former. 

Cosmos Invictus also offers a lot of options to customize their fleet too: players can enhance it with Pathfinders’ artifacts and minerals discovered during voyages on asteroids, moons, and other planets. 

We helped Pegnio develop this game.

Our Contribution to This Game

Challenges & Goals 

We knew that the focus on the strategy would make Cosmos Invictus unique among other CCG games. That meant, we needed to come up with core gameplay mechanics and a narrative that would draw engaging and challenging strategy elements into the game organically & in an engaging way for hardcore CCG fans.  


Although the game didn’t get an alpha release and the studio stopped development after putting it in early access on Steam, we saw a lot of positive feedback on strategic elements within the gameplay we’ve worked so hard on. It also had very good graphics, and an enchanting soundtrack, and we’ve enjoyed collaborating on its development a lot. 

Solutions & Expertise

Unity was our main tool in the development of Cosmos Invictus — and we used Photon Engine for building real-time multiplayer. We’ve contributed to designing and prototyping the core game loop and other main game mechanics, particularly: 

  • Card classification. We’ve divided card types into Mechs and Pilots: Pilots cards can’t be placed on the board, but if players attach them to Mechs, Mechs become more powerful. 
  • Positioning. The game gave additional abilities to players on particular slots on the board. That’s the formation mechanics we’ve talked about: for instance, units (cards) in the Stealth position within the formation called Stealth Guard would not be visible to the opponent. 
  • Customization. Players could change and improve their spacecraft stats by increasing their attack rates, fuel capacity, and HP.

We’ve also helped Pegnio with narrative design and worked with them through metagame and player progression. Our designers created UX for Cosmos Invictus and drew interface elements.  

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