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Dragon City

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Social Point

Game Intro

Dragon City is a game that’s here to help players raise their dragons for competitions. Developed by Social Point, it’s a farm-like title. Players build habitats for different kinds of dragons, buy and hatch eggs for dragons, raise them, breed them, and send them out for PvP fights. “Putting two dragons in a pit for breeding and hoping for the best” is the core game loop, and, according to reviews, it’s quite fun. 

Players then can visit their friends’ dragon islands — dragon farms — discover special dragon breeds, or collect treasures and money. We did an art test for Dragon City. 

Our Contribution to This Game

Challenges & Goals 

We needed to create new art for a few characters in the City and animate them. It was an art test. 


Our animator successfully completed the art test and drew and animated several dragons for Social Point. 

Solutions & Expertise 

The artist who worked on the art test is well-versed in creating VFX and 2D animation, so they did their work splendidly. 

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