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Monopoly Slots

  • More than 300k installs
  • Combines exhilaration of casino halls and monopoly
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Game Intro

In a unique combo of classic board games and mechanics of casino slot machines, Monopoly Slots is everyone’s favorite Monopoly — but players are moving through Monopoly city spinning the coin wheels. They solve quests and puzzles on the streets, complete tasks within the businesses and residences they’ve bought, fight competitors in a battle for prestige, and can even ask gods to fix the harvest issues on their property.

Our Contribution to This Game

Challenges & Goals

Combine mechanics of popular table games (Monopoly was the IP we were working with) and slot machines in one cool solution and ship it to App Stores on iOS and Android.


Developed the game for two platforms within the timeframe of 15 months. We’ve replaced classic D6 dice-rolling mechanics with slot machines, written and built lots of quests for players not to be bored with just owning properties, and introduced engaging level-up mechanics that encouraged players to become owners of the city. The result: more than 300k people installed the game.

Solutions & Expertise

We did a full-cycle development for Monopoly Slots: created a concept, prototyped and tested main mechanics, designed a game system. Our artists draw art, animations, and VFX for all features. We did a soft launch — and after the final release, our LiveOps teams kept maintaining the game until the project was discontinued in 2015.

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