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Midnight Strikes Horror Game

  • Concept art for Rise Up studio
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Midnight Strikes horror game concept art

Game Intro

Rise Up studio was preparing to release an RPG horror game, and iLogos has helped them to develop and convey the story — and created lots of concept art for different aspects of it. 

Our Contribution to This Game

Challenges & Goals 

Rise Up wanted us to help them define and set up main story points for their upcoming horror game — and make sure the art for locations & characters conveyed the anticipation, tension, and suspense they wanted to use as directions for players. For that, we had to collaborate a lot with their writer and game designer and create concept art & rough preliminary sketches for this title. 


We helped Rise Up to define and shape the visual aspect of their story and presented several choices, from which they picked the one that suited the game the best. We did a bunch of concept art for architecture and other environmental elements, character art, and several props sketches, all in 2D. 

Solutions & Expertise

Our concept artist collaborated with Rise Up for about two months — they used Adobe Photoshop to craft sketches & final key concepts. 

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