Mobile-to-Windows Game Porting for Zombie Gunship Survival

Zombie Gunship Survival

  • 4.7/5* on App Store
  • 4.4/5* on Google Play
  • “One of the best games out there, very unique,” — from reviews on the App Store
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Zombie Gunship Survival

Game Intro

Reviews say that Zombie Gunship Survival is “one of the best games out there, very unique” for its genre and settings. It’s an action game, where a player must find the most efficient way to shoot zombies — as many of them as possible. The player is one of the last surviving people in this hell of the apocalypse, the Airman with the gunship. They provide air support to their allies — troops of brave and skilled people fighting undead — helping them win and/or get to safety.


The game has amazing graphics and a lot of realistic collectible weapons which players can upgrade their aircraft/base with. There are weekly events with rewards, engaging quests, and a great variety of enemies with different abilities that challenge the troops’ chances to survive. Also: Zombie Gunship Survival’s sound design is beautiful. 

Zombie Gunship Survival is another we’ve ported from mobile to Windows for Well Played Games (Warhammer Combat Cards is the first one).

Our Contribution to This Game

Challenges & Goals 

Well Played Games wanted to release Zombie Gunship Survival on Steam, and that’s why they needed the porting. We had to adapt the controls and UI of the game and run through every technical detail Steam wants the publisher to cover to allow launch. The major challenge in the project wasn’t adapting to the new environment, though, — it was working with the game’s custom engine, but we dealt with it in time. 


Zombie Gunship Survival was released on Steam as intended. A lot of players truly appreciated an unusual, new concept of a gunship and the core gameplay tied to it, the game’s music and graphics. Right now, it’s available on Steam for free.   


Part of the players on Steam has been unhappy with the game’s gacha mechanics that were transferred to the desktop version intact. People who didn’t play mobile games and aren’t used to in-app purchases got disappointed. (Many reviews on mobile platforms noted that it is possible and relatively easy to go through the game without paying a dime. The issue, most likely, was in not being used to this particular monetization model in a PC game. So, if you want to port a game with in-app purchases to a desktop, take note of this.) 


In general, we feel good about that collaboration: the game did have a cool concept and we’re quite happy that we helped Zombie Gunship Survival expand into the world of desktop games. 

Solutions & Expertise

Custom C++ engine has been a challenge, and we did lots of reverse-engineering to transfer everything to the desktop — that wasn’t the most trivial task, but we’ve faced it before. During about four months, we’ve managed to break down everything that makes the game tick, mastered the engine — and adapted the game for the desktop.

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