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June’s Journey

  • 10 million installs
  • $125M revenue
  • “Fun, addictive, colorful, full of surprises and all-around entertaining” (App Store)
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Game Intro

June Parker is on her way home, where just two weeks ago her sister’s husband first shot her and then killed himself. When investigating the photos from a crime scene, June notices that, although the police’s theory is that the couple argued over drinks and Harry shot Clair ‘cause he lost his temper, there are three whiskey glasses on the table. Things spin from there on Orchid Island, and, alongside her niece, Virginia, June finds more and more evidence that murder-suicide isn’t what has happened here. It’s the 20s in New York, and there are secrets to be uncovered!

The game is a hidden-object detective, with well-written characters, great dialogue, and mystery that grips players’ attention. There’s also a metagame element to it, where players decorate, expand, and explore the Orchid Island — which, according to reviews, is just as fun as solving the mystery.

iLogos did lots of art for this project — continuously, with our LiveOps powers.

Our Contribution to This Game

Challenges & Goals

As it was within our collaboration with Wooga on Pearl’s Peril, we had to create artwork in the game’s style — now, with 3D. There was also a need for establishing a process for frictionless and non-disruptive content production, aligned with Wooga’s update schedule for the game.


“If you are looking for a game that keeps on giving, is bright/beautiful, creative, and puts you in a great mood then this is the one,” writes another person in AppStore, and oh we’re so proud to be a part of the team that makes June’s Journey beautiful. Our art and continuous, regular updates helped Wooga retain players better, increase in-game revenue (the game is free, but in-app purchases allow players to buy new items for decorations), and make the story even more rich and interesting.

Solutions & Expertise

Our wonderful artists created art while our wonderful art lead was setting up a pipeline that made cooperation and updates fast, timely, and headache-free.

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