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Evilibrium — Art Production

Game Intro

Evilibrium is a gothic card game with RPG elements developed by Orc Work gaming studio and inspired by Darkest Dungeon roguelike and Lovecraft’s writing. 

In Evilibrium, a player leads a group of monster slayers with different abilities from The Hunters Brotherhood through dungeons below a mysterious asylum in Eastern Europe at the beginning of the XIX century. A lot of stories within Evilibrium are rooted in urban and local legends of Europe, and the storyline is presented as told from an alternative universe of our world. 

There are dozens of challenging dungeons where players kill monsters to capture souls, different character classes to try out various tactics on the battlefield, several stages of evolution for the main hero, and a rather extensive skill tree. 

One of the main joys of Evilibrium is its story and the way it’s expressed via comic strips. iLogos helped Orc Work with that part of the work. 

Our Contribution to This Game

Challenges & Goals 

Orc Works studio wanted us to create concepts and illustrations for new characters, items, and monsters — and design comic strips to fit the narrative. Illustrations had to be done in a noir, gothic-like stylistic, with a lot of dynamic and dramatic tension. 


We created new art pieces for Evilibrium’s characters and monsters and drew comics — with all their details of the environment, shadows, and individuals-in-play — for multiple story quests. Art added to the existing dark, mysterious, and somewhat treacherous vibe of the narrative, dialogues, and story beats. and boosted it, successfully creating before-the-battle tension and supplementing players’ dungeon crawl. 

Solutions & Expertise

Every illustration was hand-drawn in Adobe Photoshop by our artists who have experience in 2D comic art and concept art. They’ve had a lot of fun working on the project. 

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