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Chess Kingdom game development

Game Intro

Enjoy playing chess with or without Internet with Chess Kingdom World by Chess.com. There you can challenge yourself with chess puzzles and compete against chess bots and other players. Or you can make friends and receive guidance from a friendly tutor that reviews your games.

The Kingdom of Chess was once prosperous, with buildings that reached the sky. However, this was long ago before invaders came and decided to destroy it. The old Kingdom’s splendor is now just a memory, but there is hope that a new ruler will emerge and restore it to its former glory. You should be the one to accept this challenge, defeat the invaders, and rebuild the Kingdom. Think that you`re ready? Then dive deeper into the game!

In this medieval-themed setting, you can play and practice chess while upgrading your Kingdom in various ways that represent activities you can enjoy. On your way you will receive scrolls filled with chess wisdom, gold, swords. You can also claim new gear from the shop. Each victory brings you closer to Kingdom’s magnificence and prosperity. Engage into this awesome story of saving your kingdom.

Our Contribution to This Game

Challenges & Goals 

Chess.com contacted us with an ambition to create a Chess Kingdom World game. The main goal was to step back from the classical approach and create chess that will be interesting for mobile users. The team had to come up with interesting meta and history that has no analog. 

Our team suggests developing a chess game set in the Medieval period. We have added several activities for players that need to be completed in order to progress in the game. These include upgrading the Kingdom, training with AI bots, and solving chess puzzles in the campaign.


The team seamlessly integrated into the process of creating a game from scratch. Starting from the pre-production stage, we worked closely with the client’s team to suggest different ideas. After reaching a consensus where both the client and iLogos game design team were satisfied, we decided to create a chess game set in a Medieval setting with additional meta features.

To bring this idea to life, we gradually expanded our team. We began by adding the art department, who worked on creating the initial concepts for the game. As the project progressed, we further strengthened our team by including UI and 2D artists, animation specialists, and experienced Unity developers. With their combined expertise, we were able to develop the first version of the MVP, which we then released in stores to gather valuable feedback from real players.

Currently, our focus lies on expanding the game’s content and polishing the MVP based on the feedback received and data analysis. This stage involves meticulous attention to player feedback and a thorough evaluation of the gathered data. Our aim is to prepare Kingdom Chess game for a global release, ensuring that it meets the expectations of players worldwide.

Solutions & Expertise 

A full-cycle development was offered to the client. From the idea forming and choice of style to MVP Release — we were working through each step of the process.

iLogos has provided an experienced team to cover all stages of development, including game design, art, UI, animations, mobile game development, and backend development. Our game designer is responsible for developing all mechanics and in-game economy. Meanwhile, our Unity programmers are involved in the development of the game application, and we also support server-side development of the meta features and communication with Chess servers through our team of backend programmers. In addition, to assist the team and clients with future plans, we handle data analysis and provide insights to ensure a high-quality product.

It's a pleasure to work with the iLogos team on product design and project management, and we have been consistently delighted with their results!

I've worked with the iLogos team for the past year as a project manager for Chess.com, during which time they designed and built a new app for us, with a fun, medieval look and theme. (This was my company's second engagement with iLogos, as they had earlier created an excellent, adventure-themed children's app for us.) In that time, iLogos has been great to work with at both the product/project and technical levels. Communications have been clear and frequent; they definitely understand our needs, and we appreciate the insights they bring to our product discussions. Their development and QA team do a great job, working well with our own internal tech team whenever required, and delivering stable, quality software. Their art team is also fantastic! We love the characters and settings produced for our most recent app. It's great-looking stuff! iLogos is a complete pleasure to work with. We recommend them and look forward to building cool new things with them ourselves!
Michael Greene

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