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Choices Endless Summer: Stories You Play

  • Choices: Stories You Play has 50M downloads on Google Play and is #79 in the Role Playing category on App Store
  • “Endless Summer” is my all-time favorite out of all of them with no competition”, — from YouTube
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Endless Summer, Book 2 within Choices: Stories You Play

Game Intro

To talk about Endless Summer, Book 2 we did character art, we must first talk about Choices: Stories You Play, a mobile game with interactive, narrative-driven games Pixelberry studio develops. 

Choices is a collection of games — interactive novels — in different genres, from chilling horror to fluffy romance. Within them, a player picks a character and goes through mysteries, meetings, and happenings various plot branches offer for them. A player can strengthen their relationships with NPCs or even romance them — or make NPCs hate them, depending on the player’s choices, — all while going through the main narrative. Diamonds are items for in-game purchases players can spend to advance character interactions. 

Endless Summer, then, is a trilogy of such games within Choices that draws from mystery, adventure, and romance genres. Endless Summer, Book 2 is the second part of it. 

In the first book, a player’s characters come to the warm island of La Huerta with their fellow student friends — they won this vacation there and plan to have a great time. The island doesn’t agree with their plans, though. Together, they reveal and unravel secrets the island — and their friends — keep. Book 2 picks up when the true nature of the island is discovered, and a player — along with their friends — must protect La Huerta’s (spoiler!) mysterious power. 

People love the Endless Summer series a lot — at least according to numerous walkthroughs through the series on YouTube and hundreds of appreciative comments about storylines, art, and narrative design the game offers. iLogos created character art for it.

Our Contribution to This Game

Challenges & Goals 

In collaboration with Pixelberry, our artists had to create character art for the entire game. Endless Summer, Book 2 had a branching narrative, so each route a player takes needed to have a different or slightly different configuration of art assets (for instance, different facial expressions for NPCs). To nail the job, we needed to know the plot, backstory of the NPCs, and other narrative nuances of the game. 

Characters who have already been introduced to players in Book 1 needed to look consistently in Book 2, so we had to maintain visual continuity while adding new layers to it. 

Our art assets were to become a part of the story that was already valued by many. We had to do the story justice. 


…And we did. Book 2 was released in 2017, and people keep coming back to it (and to the entire series) in 2022. They replay Book 2 with different plot routes in mind, search for additional layers to debunk or confirm their theories, or just want to see the characters they miss. Our art, combined with a brilliant soundtrack and enhancing writing, is what makes them do that. Right now, Endless Summer is a concluded trilogy, one of the most played and loved among Choices’ selection. 

Our artists worked hard to fill the story’s 15 chapters with compelling, beautiful (or terrifying, if needed), and vividly alive characters and interactions with and between them. 

Solutions & Expertise

For Endless Summer, Book 2, the iLogos art team worked in Adobe Photoshop. They drew concept art for characters first, creating it according to their backstory & plot & graphic requirements, provided by Pixelberry. Then, we integrated them into different storylines and drew them in different situations and dialogue scenes, costumes, and locations. We also designed art for cutscenes and drew full-scale, detailed art pieces for visual intermissions between chapters. 

We had a lot of fun creating unique facial expressions for NPCs according to details of their backgrounds we’ve received from the client. Participation in the creation of flashed-out, compelling characters was akin to working on a graphic novel, — that was a new experience for some of our team. This collaboration with Pixelberry once again confirmed that games are a powerful storytelling medium, and we loved being a part of it. 

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