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Merge Magic

  • More than 600 quests
  • 100 levels
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Game Intro

One of the most surprisingly complex merging puzzles out there, Merge Magic is another game from Gram Games — we did the art for their Merge Kingdom, too. In this game, players heal the land of magic that’s put to deadly sleep via binding spells of evil witches. The game has 100 levels — basic levels, challenge levels, hidden levels — plus more than 600 quests, multiple maps of the world, events with legendary arcane rewards, and, in general, lots of stuff to spend hours playing. It’s amazing how challenging it is to complete levels sometimes (especially when your helper NPCs are discovering something you do need while you’re not watching) — but Merge Magic is all the more interesting because of that.

Our Contribution to This Game

Challenges & Goals

As within our previous partnership with Gram Games, we had to do more art in Merge Magic’s beautiful style, align the process of our artists with their update schedule, and prepare art and animations for integration with the game.


We had lots of fun doing art for different levels and objects within this game — and did so steadily, keeping up with Gram Games’ plans for events, new challenges, quests, and so on. That made the lore richer and players happier, which reflected on players’ retention and revenue — as the Merge Magic gets money via players’ in-app purchases.

Solutions & Expertise

Our operation management & business development skills allowed us to construct a pipeline that allowed us and Gram Games’ team to collaborate remotely, stay ahead of the schedule, and have a good time while developing Merge Magic’s incredible world.

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