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Game Intro

Pictawords is a competitive crossword puzzle developed by Funcraft. Players can enjoy the game by themselves, but it’s much more exciting with a rival. In the beginning, you have a limited amount of time and letters you can use to figure out where to place them correctly during a minute, then — your opponent deals with the same. Whoever gets the highest score is a winner, but there are letter economy, a complex score counting system, and other twists of what crossword gameplay classically looks like to account for. So: not so simple, actually. 

The game is extremely fun and challenging — and, at iLogos, we were happy to port it to Snapchat Games platform.

Our Contribution to This Game

Challenges & Goals 

Funcraft asked us to port Pictawords to Snapchat Games and ensure the port will pass all compliance requirements Snapchat holds for developers — and we did. 


Our porting allowed Funcraft to expand the audience of Pictawords to Snapchat users, which brought them new players, more engagement, and visibility. Snap platform also provides a good opportunity to run mobile-first ads campaigns, which meant Funcraft got a new revenue channel for the game they could explore. 

Solutions & Expertise

iLogos ported the game using PlayCanvas — Snap’s HTML5 engine. Our team redesigned the UI for Snapchat’s TA while maintaining the original vibe of the game. 

After completing porting work, we stayed in contact with the Funcraft team to guide them through establishing compliance with Snap’s launch requirements for games that are published on the platform. 

When porting to Snapchat Games, our developers and UX/UX designers integrated platform-specific features for interactions in the game: Snap’s version of Pictawords has more elaborate in-game messaging, real-time voice chats, and other features people love Snapchat for.

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