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Diamond Rush

  • 4.7/5
  • 1 million downloads
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Game Intro

Matching game from Viber with a limited number of moves, leveling up, progression through the game’s world, boosters, and everything a good puzzle should contain. At every level, players must collect a particular number of different diamonds — and Viber’s chubby LegCat guides them through the game.

Our Contribution to This Game

Challenges & Goals

Viber asked us to develop a game for iOS — with their character LegCat in a leading role.


We’ve successfully developed Diamond Rush within [N] months, and it got amazing reviews on game stores everywhere Viber is used. The best F2P development practices our team used made Diamond Rush quick, responsive, and easy on the battery, — and our designers created lovely effects and animations (and LegCat, as it seems, got even more adorable.)

Solutions & Expertise

We ran the development from concept creation to release. To accelerate the development process, our team used a custom match-three game engine we’ve built in-house

We devised and tested main mechanics, drew art, animated it, created VFX for Diamond Rush’s world), tested everything out once again within a soft launch — and provided Viber with LiveOps services in post-production.

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