Finding and selecting a candidate for a job has some challenges, especially when you do it remotely. This article covers the iLogos Game Studios' hiring process and how it differs from other companies. Why do we focus on candidates' strong sides, and what are our benefits? 

Challenges and goals 

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In this highly competitive market and under time pressure, we build our hiring process in an easy-going manner, and we don't focus only on one product with many requirements. Instead, we identify the company's needs so that we can give specific information to a person.

When a lot of companies were looking for new people, the number of vacancies was much greater than the number of candidates. This is because there are few good candidates, but their demand is very high.

We have deadlines for existing projects and commitments to clients on project start dates, which creates additional pressure on hiring. We have to close many positions quickly. 

Otherwise, we will lose customers or fail to fulfill contractual obligations. We don't waste our time and candidates' time.

Sometimes you can see that many companies use a list of requirements for the vacancy. It can be a huge mistake. 

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Common approach

Before creating a new position on our website, we always consider how our future employees will react. You can always see companies trying to attract an employee, putting so many requirements. 

Our company principle is :

Hire those who can do the job, not only those who did 

Many game studios are searching for candidates who have relevant project experience. On the other hand, we evaluate the ability of a person to complete a task, even if the person has not encountered it. 

A game developer, for instance, may not be familiar of the precise toolkit or framework used on a required project. Therefore during the interview, we can understand if the candidate can learn something new or not. If yes, this candidate will receive an offer from us despite the lack of experience in a particular area.


iLogos Approach. How do we hire? 

We put a limited amount of requirements in the vacancy

  • 3+ years of Unity game development experience.
  • Released games in the portfolio.
  • Teamwork experience (3 or more developers).

That’s all. We prefer dialog instead of an interview. 


What do we discuss in interviews, and why do candidates love our hiring process? 

  • Teamwork experience. 

We ask questions to understand how candidates work in a team, how they think and collaborate? 

  • Unity and coding knowledge. 

We discuss the candidate's previous projects and how they were completed.

  • Other knowledge and experience. 

We talk about candidate experience overall. It lowers the level of stress and contributes to a constructive dialogue between the company and candidates.


Evaluation criteria


What criteria do we consider if we hire a developer for our company?  

First, we use the principle of maturity, which means we trust our employees, and they understand how to commit to work and are honest about it. We are looking for the best suitable person with soft skills, logical thinking, and adaptability.


What benefits candidates get from iLogos Game Studios?

The general iLogos hiring process allows candidates to show their knowledge. To do that, we have a less stressful and frustrating interview process.

Since there is no cruel number of questions we ask and we build the interview in dialogue format, we try to focus on the strong sides of developers. The format of the questions assumes an accessible form, and it is also easier to include the candidate's knowledge there.

We do not press a person with a ton of specific questions respectively. Even if a candidate does not know something, it is not bad. In other interviews, there can be questions that you can Google in 15 seconds. In general, we are interested in hearing the person's opinion about the development on his part.

We value the opportunity to solve practical challenges more than knowledge in a vacuum. Hence, we have other selection criteria for which more people can fit. Plus, we do not require specific expertise for the project (counting on the fact that a person will raise them in the work process). This also greatly increases the likelihood of passing an interview.


What We Absolutely Don’t Have at iLogos

  • Feeling Worthless

We do our best to treasure your talent and recognize your value for our company, clients, and achievements

  • Commute for the Sake of Commuting

All our processes have been set up for remote work ages ago

  • Micromanagement

No annoying control — the main rule is to stick to deadlines. That’s it


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