Mobile game apps account for about 51% of worldwide video game revenue. Consoles take second place with a 29% share. The popularity of mobile games is easy to explain. Almost everyone already has a smartphone! To start playing, you need to download the application. You don't need extra gadgets or special conditions. You can play wherever you want: at home, on the road, or while waiting in line.

The volume of the mobile gaming market has reached $140.5 billion in 2022. The number of mobile game users is more than 1.8 billion. And the number of gaming apps downloaded is 55 billion, which is 24% of all installed applications.

You can find thousands of gaming apps on Google Play and the App Store, and this number continues to grow. Mobile games are relatively easy to develop while generating high income. And if you want to join this party, it's time to find a mobile game development company.

iOS or Android, which is better to develop mobile games

Spoiler: for mobile game app development, companies often choose the cross-platform Unity engine. So you don't have to choose only one OS. The best option is to release the game immediately in the App Store and Google Play. With Unity mobile game development, you will get the maximum audience reach and increase your profits.

However, each platform has its differences. And if you decide to release only on iOs or make an android game, you should know everything about it.

Market size difference

Let's look at the target audience. According to the latest Statcounter data, the market share of Android devices is about 70%, and iOS accounts only for 28%. The ratio has not significantly changed since 2021.

mobile market share worldwide

The number of installs on Android devices will be much higher. Therefore, android game app development may seem more profitable than iOS game design. Let's look at the number of project installations from top game app developers.

In June 2022, the most popular app on the Google Play Store was Dessert DIY. The game has been installed more than 21 million times. It's a single-player casual game where you can make desserts. 

You can't reach these numbers by releasing games only in the App Store. The iOS market leader (Stumble Guys) has been installed only 5.16 million times on iPhones. On iPad, the most downloaded game was Subway Surfers, with 1.56 million installs.

With a market size difference like this, you should not limit yourself to iOS game development. But the audience isn't everything. For mobile game developers, profit is essential. A large number of downloads does not mean high income.

Mobile games revenue

Mobile gaming revenue worldwide

The best mobile game developers make millions from from ads and in-app purchases. In June 2022, Roblox, the leading iPad app, generated almost $46 million in revenue for developers. Genshin Impact is rounding the TOP-10, with $5.5 million.

There are three ways to earn money in mobile applications:

  • installation fee
  • in-app purchases
  • ad revenue

You can use several methods at once to increase the company's income. For example, create a free-to-play app showing ads and in-app purchases. Or create a mobile game with a monthly subscription.

The choice of model will depend on the genre. Last year, advertisements in arcade apps accounted for 67% of revenue, while in-app purchases generated only 33%. Conversely, mobile casino games generated 76% of revenue through in-game purchases and only 24% through advertising.

The more time the user spends in the game, the more opportunities you have to get benefits: through ads or microtransactions. According to the latest surveys for 2022, 21% of mobile gamers worldwide spent one to seven hours per week playing games on their mobile phone. At the same time, the number of daily active users in the most popular game for iPhone exceeds 2 million. And the same game, Subway Surfers, on Android devices, has 30.57 million DAU.

Therefore, if you want to make money from advertising, you need the maximum possible audience. In this case, it’s better to make games for Android. But if the source of income is in-app purchases, then iOS users make them more often. According to various sources, Android users spend about three times less money on in-app purchases than iOS users.

Developing games for both platforms is more profitable. Even if you do not get into the top 10 mobile game developers, you can receive a regular high income.

The level of competition and the number of apps

A large number of users attracts game app developers. Any mobile game app development company wants to get as many app downloads as possible. Therefore, the Android application market is very competitive. In the second quarter of 2022, more than 470 thousand mobile gaming apps were available on the Google Play Store. And this is even though the company began to remove some applications that do not meet the requirements.

The competition in the App Store is a bit lower. According to the latest data, 295 thousand of mobile gaming applications are available to users. It is 2.5% more than in the previous quarter of 2022.

Differences in the mobile game development process

Android is an open system created for various devices, while iOS is designed only for Apple devices. The first system is available, and the second one is not. Each approach has its pros and cons.

Number of devices

All Apple devices run on the same system. It means that you have only iPhone and iPad game development. At the same time, Android game design must consider different devices and OS versions. Since the number of Android devices is much larger, you will have to spend more time testing and debugging. And iOS game developers can save time by adapting different versions and devoting time to other aspects of development.

System openness

iOS is a closed-source system that imposes certain restrictions. You can only work with the tools provided by Apple. On the other hand, Android is an open system, which means more freedom and space for experiments.

Development environments

Here the difference is not significant. Both systems have convenient development environments. Google has Android Studio, and Apple has XCode. All the necessary tools for development and debugging will be available to you.

OS versions

Apple users are more actively moving to a new OS version. In May 2022, 72% of devices were updated to the latest iOS 15, 18% to iOS 14, and only 10% had older iOS versions. While only 23% of devices had the latest Android OS version, and 28% had the previous one. That's why it will be more convenient to release updates for your game on iOS.

What to choose for mobile games development

Benefits of mobile games development:

Each operating system has its advantages. We recommend starting from personal preferences as well as from your earnings model. Free-to-play apps with ads are more suited to the Android audience, while in-game transactions are more likely to be made by iOS users.

Benefits of android games development:

  • huge market size
  • open operating system
  • less stringent requirements for games
  • the ability to get more app installs
  • more opportunities to earn on in-app ads

Benefits of ios game programming:

  • fewer different devices
  • more solvent audience
  • regular device updates to the latest versions
  • a lower level of competition
  • opportunity to earn on in-app purchases

In general, Android is the most popular system. But development for this OS will be more cost-intensive, given the number of versions and devices. The best option is to use cross-platform development and release your game both in the AppStore and Google Play.

How to create a game on android or iOS

If you already have an idea for your game, the easiest way is to use mobile game development services. Many mobile game studios develop projects for any device and operating system.

Why you should choose mobile game development outsourcing:

  • You will save time and effort.
  • You will get a ready team of professionals.
  • Companies already have all the necessary equipment and software for work.
  • Game studious understand the latest gaming trends.
  • The skilled team has experience in the development of various projects.

So, if you want to create a game, it's better to hire a mobile game development company. With the help of a professional team, you can create high-quality mobile games and avoid popular mistakes that beginners often make. Deciding to outsource mobile game development, you should pay attention to the company's portfolio. It should contain projects that are similar to your idea.

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How much does mobile app game development cost

The cost of a project always depends on the complexity of the development. You can order a full-cycle mobile game app development or hire an app game company to complete individual stages. An experienced developer knows how to create a simple iOS or Android game and develop a complex project from scratch with unusual mechanics and a lot of content.

The iLogos portfolio includes more than 460 completed projects. We create games that get 250+ million installs and the highest ratings in the AppStore and Google Play. Our team can develop a game in any genre: from meditative projects to exciting physics-based action fights.

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