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Hoop Royale

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Hoop Royale

Game Intro

Hoop Royale is a small arcade game for all ages. It’s physics-based, and the point is for a player to throw a hoop around the ball — yeah, reverse basketball from an alternative universe — before their opponent does the same. It’s a two-button game, so it’s easy to master controls — but wins are never easy at the beginning. After a win, a player receives diamonds they can exchange for new, beautiful skins for their hoop.

Famobi, a German HTML5 game publisher, commissioned us to develop the Hoop Royale from scratch, and we did just that.

Our Contribution to This Game

Challenges & Goals 

It was a simple project: hyper-casual games are on the rise right now, so we needed to create one that would rival similar simple titles, would be entertaining, bright, and perform well on mobile web browsers. We also had to create art assets for the game’s background, controls, and different hoop skins in a flat vector art style


We’ve managed to develop a bright and really competitive two-button game after coming up with the reverse basketball concept. A player doesn’t have to register — just click Play. They’ll first go through a training game that allows them to learn controls and then will be connected to a person from another country for a match. We built Hoop Royale for it to pick competitors for the players randomly from a leaderboard. 

We also created a variety of flat art skins for the hoops with different colors and patterns on them and drew a background for a playfield. The player can customize their hoop and ball via spending diamonds they earn after winning matches. 

Famobi released Hoop Royale in July of 2020 — we worked on it for about three months leading up to the date. Now, any person with a web browser — on desktop or mobile — can compete within this small arcade with people from all around the world.

Solutions & Expertise

Our HTML5 developers worked with game designers and quality assurance specialists to create Hoop Royale and fill it with art assets our 3D artists drew in Adobe Photoshop.

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