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Bad Piggies Village

  • 4.2/5* on Google Play
  • #87 in the Puzzle category on App Store
  • 4.0/5* on App Store
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Game Intro

Kotaku described Bad Piggies Village by Rovio, developers of Angry Birds, as “fun and challenging in a good way” — and IGN called it the studio’s best creation. 

Bad Piggies is a game that embraces cool, fluid animations of Angry Birds and puts it into an arcade game. Within it, players are offered to create a vehicle for piggy from a few objects they carry — and go with them on an incredible and dangerous journey across 200+ levels. The ultimate goal is, of course, Angry Birds’ eggs. The game has a lot of cool mechanics: the success of the run is very dependent on how well the vehicles are constructed. To build reliable vehicles, players need to complete levels & collect rewards afterward and loot locations along the way. On the journey, they may find motors, wings, umbrellas, and so many other things that make the machine, for instance, fly across terrible cliffs. It’s incredibly fun. 

We had the honor of setting up prerequisites for the project: building test game assets for word building, main mechanics, and art style.

Our Contribution to This Game

Challenges & Goals 

Rovio wanted us to build a new game: create art style and concepts for characters, environments, and level design.  


At the time of our collaboration, the project didn’t move past the pre-production stage, but then Rovio used part of the assets we’d created in the development of a new game. Our team worked hard on those, and we’re happy that our art made it into the hit game that is now Bad Piggies. 

Solutions & Expertise 

Based on Rovio’s IP, we’ve developed an art style for the characters, drawn pieces for environmental design and buildings, and designed prototypes of UI/UX for the game’s core mechanics.

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