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Shadow Fight 2 – Game Development

  • 250+ million downloads
  • 300 million total audience
  • Physics-based action fights
  • New RPG story mode with level-ups
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Game Intro

A successor of 0 and 1, Shadow Fight 2 is an action fighting game with RPG elements, inspired by feudal Japan, East-Asian martial arts, and sci-fi. Players choose a sparring mode — to fight with friends or against AI, or go through the story mode as the Shadow, a fighter that leaves their teacher to explore seven nearby provinces and fight their way to the truth about the world of the game and themselves.

Unlike the most traditional games within a genre, Shadow Fight 2 incorporates a physics-based approach to fight mechanics: there’s no use slamming all buttons at once in hopes of accidentally beating the opponent — players should make a deliberate, attentive effort, look for openings, and strategize. It adds a bit of challenge at the start of playthroughs — and becomes immensely satisfying if mastered.

Our Contribution to This Game

Challenges & Goals

Nekki’s team needed our help to organize a communication & delivery model that’ll allow them to develop the game across different time zones. They also needed more content for engaging: RPG elements that have been introduced in this part of the series had to enchant the players and push them forward to figuring out mysteries of the story; same with the new mechanics that connected to players leveling up through the story


During our collaboration, the development team distributed across different countries managed to work smoothly and w/o disruptions with the same codebase. Continuous development and improvement pushed us to build new features and pieces of content to drive players towards completing the main story, participate in tournaments, fight in survival mode, and, in general, explore the world of Shadow Fight 2. The game was downloaded 250+ million times.

Solutions & Expertise

We build a pipeline for remote work that will be created specifically for Nekka’s communication & coding style and development culture that has already existed in-house, which allowed us to reduce distractions, miscommunications, and increase productivity. Shadow Fight 2 has been pushed into production within the planned deadline, with more content and features variety

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