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Puss in Boots: Jewel Rush

  • Editor’s Choice in AppStore
  • Adorable cat who’s not a smuggler
  • DreamWorks IP
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Game Intro

A little bit of smuggling has never hurt anyone… right? A pitiful, humble gato searching for precious jewels invites you to play matching puzzles. Any similarity with the vicious character from Puss in Boots and legendary Shrek is purely coincidental — he is but a simple cat.

Puss in Boots is a match-three puzzle: fun, immersive, with amazing visuals, boosts, and bonuses. We developed it from scratch for Reliance Games.

Our Contribution to This Game

Challenges & Goals

Reliance Games asked us to create a mobile game based on DreamWorks’ IP and launch it within the schedule they’ve established.


That was one of our first cases with matching the release of the game to the release of the original movie, — and, combined with the F2P gamedev expertise of our mobile development team, the game managed to be selected to Editor’s Choice section on both iOS and Android after release. That gave lots of new opportunities for the promo to Reliance Games and attracted an audience that had warmed up after the movie.

Such a fit into a timeframe where people search for Puss in Boots-related content made the game’s metrics soar — and high quality of development allowed RG to retain those it had acquired.

Solutions & Expertise

We developed a game from concept to launch, modeled and tested new mechanics, researched audience’s preferences — overlap between casual gamers and Shrek/Antonio Banderas fans — gathered analytics after the soft launch to make sure everything works as it should. We also did live operations after release — provided updates, listened to feedback, and maintained the whole thing.

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