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Pocket Starships

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Pocket Starships

Game Intro

Pocket Starships is a sci-fi MMO shooter from Spectacle Games Publishing. They’ve marketed the title as a “true cross-platform game”: Pocket Starships is available on the main mobile systems and devices, in web browsers, and on Kindle Fire. 

The game is a classic space battle shooter. Players choose a spacecraft and upgrade it: equip it with new weapons, increase its armor class, and so on. They move across the map of neighboring space sectors and conquer them, expanding their outpost in hopes of eventually conquering the galaxy. There’s mining for moonstones that can be crafted into enhancing materials for the ship, there are space pirates who attack as soon as you mine on their territories, and, of course, those enemy fleets who are not about giving their sectors without a fight. 

In Pocket Starships, players can compete in 1v1, 3v3, or 5v5 modes in Arena real-time fights. It’s also possible to complete in-game missions together as one team. 

We provided Spectacle Games with LiveOps services for the game back in 2017. 

Our Contribution to This Game

Challenges & Goals 

We update Pocket Starships with new quests, features, and dynamics that Spectacle Games have pre-planned for the game development, fix bugs and supply various tournaments and events with new, engaging content. A particular challenge of this project was, of course, a real-time multiplayer structure we had to master, — and we did. 


Our LiveOps team’s updates and events allowed Pocket Starships to retain its old audience (and get them to try new fight modes or customizations, for instance) and attract a new one — people especially enjoyed smooth, responsive gameplay. Apart from that, our handling of maintenance for this project also allowed Spectacle Games to focus its main development force on other titles. For the year 2017, we’ve handled the game updates and support almost entirely, across all platforms it’s been released to. A few years later, the game was discontinued. 

Solutions & Expertise

We analyzed players’ behavior and feedback and worked with the client’s roadmap to develop new features, we created cool, exciting events and new challenges for single-mode players and those who preferred team play, etc. Our client- and server-side developers worked with Unity and Spectacle Games’ custom backend on Java.

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