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Ghost Detective: Murder Case

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Ghost Detective: Murder Case

Game Intro

Ghost Detective: Murder Case is a story-driven match-three & hidden object puzzle developed by Wooga, a mobile game company that is based in Berlin, Germany. It follows an experienced detective — her colleagues teasingly call her Moonshine, but players are offered to pick their main name — as she’s killed and tries to make sense of her murder as a ghost. 

The scene is set in New Orleans, a city where weird things happen every day. Players investigate murders and other crimes by playing match-three puzzles and founding important evidence on beautiful 3D art pieces. They uncover truths and track suspects, open new locations on the map and meet important allies, and, eventually, bring those who wronged others to justice.

Ghost Detective has well-written characters, engaging dialogues, and music to match the atmosphere of mystery. It monetizes through in-app purchases and has about 20 chapters with immersive, fun storytelling. iLogos created art for Ghost Detective’s 2D pieces.

Our Contribution to This Game

Challenges & Goals 

Wooga asked our art team to conceptualize and develop a style for their in-game collection items and then create art assets for them. These items comprised both game rewards and hidden objects players are supposed to discover during investigations. Concept design had to be solid, fitting for Ghost Detective’s narrative, and art asset renders needed to have high quality. 


We created — and are still creating, as the project is ongoing, — multiple sets of collection items that are pleasant to look at and meaningful for the mystery. 

Solutions & Expertise

iLogos team of concept artists and illustrated designed 2D collection items and rendered them in Photoshop. 

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