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Bedtime Stories: Night Train

  • Mom’s Choice Gold Award
  • #66 in Books on App Store
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Bedtime Stories: Night Train

Game Intro

The Night Train is a game with an interactive story for nighttime reading, set in a magical realm. It’s built for children of 2-6 years — for them to read before sleeping (or for their parents to read to them). Everything in this game is built to delight, but also soothe a child: it has a beautiful soundtrack, animations are slow and gentle, handcrafted art is done mostly in pastel colors, and so on. Children listen to the story about the characters of Night Train and then tuck them into their little beds. The game continues after the story is complete, with the sound of a train running in the background of a soft lullaby — and children happily fall asleep after. 

Shmugan AB, a Swedish one-person company, collaborated with several talented game developers to make this app as enjoyable, calming, and safe for kids as possible. iLogos was one such company. 

Our Contribution to This Game

Challenges & Goals 

Shmugan AB company asked us to develop the game entirely, so a successful release was one of our goals. 

Among notable (and very fun) challenges: we needed to connect what’s happening in the game with a Phillips smart lamp — so when a parent read a story, the lights would change in line with transitions within the story. 

Animations had to be fluid and light: no sudden movements or quick transitions — we wanted Night Train to comfort and lull. Plus, everything was supposed to be designed in night mode to be easy on the eyes. Night Train had to be fun, though, so finding a balance between serene and entertaining was another interesting task — and we think we completed it successfully. 


The Bedtime Story: Night Train was released in 2020 and won Mom’s Choice Gold Awards for incredible storytelling, the intertwining of beautiful art, music, and story. It ranks #66 in the Books category on the App Store, and parents adore it — plus, they appreciate the idea of introducing children to reading via such a relatively new medium. 

Solutions & Expertise

We animated hand-drawn assets in Spine 2D and integrated them into Unity using Schmugan AB’s storyboards. Unity was the main tool for building the game and integrating it with the lamp — for the lamp, we had to define scenarios it was supposed to be running to tie it into the story. We’ve also extensively tested the game, so bags and performance drawbacks didn’t distract parents and their children from reading and falling asleep.

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