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Maggie’s Murder Mystery — Art Production

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Maggie’s Murder Mystery

Game Intro

Maggie’s Murder Mystery is a crime drama with gameplay rooted in solving match-three puzzles that are created in a television style. It’s divided into episodes dedicated to the investigation of a terrible conspiracy on Charmed Life, a cruise ship the players are traveling on. The game is witty, its mystery grips and enchants, the puzzles are challenging — especially on the later levels. 

The story goes off Charmed Life often, which complicates & enriches the case: one of the cruise tour attractions is visiting various locations across the world, from luxurious, lavish cities to dangerous, seemingly abandoned islands. There are fascinating characters that help Maggie McAvery, the protagonist, with the investigation: her grandson, assistant, and other passengers on the cruise. Each of them could have been involved with the murders that are happening on and off the board. 

We created character & location art for Maggie’s Murder Mystery in 2019.

Our Contribution to This Game

Challenges & Goals 

ZiMAD asked us to create art assets for their game characters and location art. The assets had to support and convey the story they wanted to tell, with a visual vibe between Titanic and Agatha Christie’s closed-room murders.


We’ve provided art assets for character and background design for the game, and visuals are, according to the feedback we’ve seen, one of the praise-worthy aspects of Maggie’s Murder Mystery

Solutions & Expertise

iLogos’ art team did concept design for characters and backgrounds and then designed 2D art assets according to those concepts. They drew sandy islands, cities, the ship’s elegant interior with cabins and kitchens, cathedrals, and so on. Character design was a major joy for us to do, too, as their subtle expressions would lead the player towards or away from clues about potential suspects. 

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