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Shadow Fight 3

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Game Intro

The events in Shadow Fight 3, a sequel of legendary story-driven fighting RPG from Nekki, are happening many years after the end of the second series. Shadow Energy in this world has become more common. You play as The Shadow’s descendant, and you’ve got to navigate the new world that is divided between Legion, Dynasty, and Herald — factions with totally different opinions on how Shadow Energy should be used (or whether it should be used at all.)

People from different factions have different strengths, weak points, and special weapons and abilities people from others do not possess. Story starts in a branch of the Legion, a faction that loves using Shadow Energy — and you as a new recruit will fight, and discover your way through the world, as the Legion plans to invade Dynasty’s lands.

Shadow Fight 3 is the first game from the series that shows how PC looks in-game — it manages to maintain the drive & style of original stories, though (f.i., by allowing players to become shadowy-figure through a Shadow Form mode). There’s also a new character editor — gotta customize all these new faces.

iLogos helped with Shadow Game 2 earlier, and this time we’ve helped Nekki lighten the production schedule up.

Our Contribution to This Game

Challenges & Goals

Nekki asked us for a hand in efforts to accelerate Shadow Fight 3 game development for a soft launch and, in general, speed things up to fit into their schedule.


That’s what we did. Our developers build the game using a process for distributed work we’ve designed over the years of doing gamedev and managed to release everything in time. People have been pretty excited about getting the new Shadow Fight game as soon as it has been announced. So: when we delivered it to the stores, it got featured as Editor’s Choice in App Store and Google Play.

Solutions & Expertise

After setting up a pipeline for short iterations within the development cycles, our developers used technology to build the game for soft launch quickly and build new features based on the feedback after it quickly & without losing quality.

Customer Feedback

We have been working with iLogos for a long time including development and live ops of our Top Grossing games such as Shadow Fight 1-3 which have had 100+ million downloads. But our experience has not been just work, it has been a strategic partnership. Why? The company works based on a set of values, including flexibility, commitment, professionalism and customer orientation. No less valuable are the personal characteristics of the staff and management team. It was a great pleasure to work with them! And we will continue to do so.
Dmitry Terekhin

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