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  • More than $3 billion revenue
  • Over a million downloads in the first day
  • +10 million users after porting to Facebook
  • Top 100 Grossing list in the UK, Germany, France, and Russia
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Game Intro

You’ve inherited a house and a garden, but the garden is in terrible condition. To return the garden to its former glory, solve puzzles to earn stars you can spend on repairs, rebuildings, growing new plants, and so on. Though do be careful and clever about it — you have a limited number of moves to win the level.

Gardenscapes is a casual game with puzzles and elements of RPG from Playrix: more than a billion players worldwide enjoy restoring the garden, exploring different locations that unlock with the progress in the game (like Filmstudio in Wonderland) and interacting with an incredibly rich world and talkative, curious NPCs. Thanks to iLogos — they do it on Facebook, too.

Our Contribution to This Game

Challenges & Goals

iLogos needed to port the game and each update to mobile versions of it to Facebook. For that, we needed to set up a pipeline that’ll allow us to do so quickly and without disrupting the version that’s already on Facebook — and to minimize delays between the updates, so both mobile and Facebook audiences were on the same page of Gardenscape’s story.


We ported the game to Facebook and successfully attracted about 10 million new users to play Gardenscapes there (which is — wow; an age of casual games). That increased game’s revenue and substantially expanded brand awareness both on social media and beyond.

Solutions & Expertise

We’ve adopted C++ to the web platform of Facebook using Flash technology and created a unique QA process that streamlined updates to the web version of Gardenscapes and minimized delays, which made delivery of a new content frictionless & painless for Playrix’s team.

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