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Blades of Brim

  • Editor’s Choice on App Store: “Fresh twist on an endless runner”
  • 10M downloads | 4.4/5* on Google Play
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Blades of Brim

Game Intro

Blades of Brim is a new variation of an endless runner from the developers of Subway Surfers, the most successful runner of all time. It wasn’t easy for SYBO Games to create a game that would rival Surfers’ success, but they’ve managed to do so and become recognized for the effort. 


Among new additions, there are a few main ones: different characters to pick for a player, cool battle mechanics, villains (basic monster blobs and complex elemental wizards with tricky attacks) who try to interfere with the run, and quests players complete for rewards in the middle of a run. Maps are fun and very treacherous, there’s interesting equipment that allows players to teleport, magnets that draw boons and treasures towards them, and so on. 

In one word, Blades of Brim is great, — and we were handling LiveOps services for them for this SYBO’s title for a while.

Our Contribution to This Game

Challenges & Goals 

SYBO Games approached us when the game was already released but didn’t get much attention, both from the audience and from the studio itself — they’ve been busy maintaining their other title. 

We had to do player analytics, design and test new features that would engage new audiences, fix bugs — in one word, try to keep everything running while attempting to revitalize and refresh it. 


We worked with SYBO for six months in 2019-2020 and released quite a few updates with new features, even-specific quests and items, and so on. According to reviewers in app stores, Blades of Brim managed to retain part of the audience that waited for another take on Subway Surfers and attract people with customization, fighting mechanics, new characters, and boons. 

The game took the Editor’s Choice award from Apple — they’ve praised Blades’ developers for managing to find a new approach to the genre they’ve already sort of beaten. Working on the project was incredibly fun, and we’re happy to see it get the attention it deserves in 2022. At least 10 million people play Blades on Android only. 

Solutions & Expertise

For games we do LiveOps services for, we need to recreate the client’s ecosystem so we could go through the entire development pipeline in a way they’re used to. That’s what we did in collaboration with SYBO Games, too. We’ve mainly worked with Unity: created new features; optimized the performance of existing ones; fixed bugs that popped up after updates; did a lot of analytics to figure out if players like updates and what innovation the development should lean on. 

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