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Booba Candy Adventure

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Pixie Lab’s
Booba Candy Adventure

Game Intro

The origins of the game this case covers are in Booba. Booba is a cartoon for kids about a creature with a curious, inquisitive disposition who tries to understand how different things in the world work and don’t work. It’s fun and bright, there’s no talking — only sounds, expressing surprise, wonder, fascination, fear, etc. from Booba and his friends. 

Booba Candy Adventure, then, is a match-three game developed by Pixie Lab. Pixie Lab got an IP license to build a title around the cartoon’s main character — with familiar looks and voices for Booba and other characters from the series. 

The result is hilarious and fun. The game has four game modes, more than 120 levels with different goals of collecting candies via solving the puzzles, and colorful, bright boosts that get players better scores. Players also can log in to Booba Candy Adventure via Facebook and ask friends from there to join the game and compete. 

iLogos collaborated with Pixie Lab to create a visual part of this gaming project.

Our Contribution to This Game

Challenges & Goals 

During our work, we had to cover everything visual in the game: character design for Booba, animation and visual effects for the puzzle and the character, backgrounds, and UI design. 

With Booba Candy Adventure being based on already existing work, we had to recreate Booba as people know him in our art assets. That was extremely important, both for the client and our team: we wanted to convey the fun, inquisitive vibe of the show, and this character was the show. 

The project also had a pretty tight schedule, so we had to apply all our time management within collaboration superpowers to successfully balance between high quality and always respecting deadlines. 


Our art team did a great job: Pixie Art released the game in 2019, and visuals are a massive part of its success (along with voiceover work and easy gameplay, for sure). 

App Store reviews say Booba Candy Adventure is fun and hilarious, it has good ratings, and the game managed to attract both people who know of the cartoon and outsiders-puzzle enthusiasts. The title has more than a million downloads on Google Play. 

We created concept art for a character and items within the game, sketched and designed UI for menus and controls, and developed action-driven VFX for a puzzle. Booba in the game looks and moves just like in a cartoon. 

Solutions & Expertise

Within nine months, our team covered every visual part of the game. For character design work, we’ve used selected references from the show and tried to recreate or refer to them within the game. 

We also focused a lot on animation — within the puzzle and during character design. The latter was a good challenge for our animators: in the show, Booba is an active, quick, fluid character with an expressive face — and they needed to transfer that fluidity and charm within the game (e.g., recreating Booba’s fur was a particularly daunting task, but they’ve overcome it, too.)   

Our artists drew concept designs and illustrations in Adobe Photoshop, rendered 3D art pieces in Maya, and created animations with Spine 2D. We drew an easily understandable, bright UI for the puzzle — in the end, it was our and our clients’ hope that children will comprise at least a part of the main player audience for Booba Candy Adventure. To work with UI design, we worked in Figma.

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