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XE88 gambling app development

Game Intro

XE88 is a platform that targets gamblers from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia to play slot machines, a platform-agnostic online casino. They offer multiple loyalty programs, free bonuses, and a variety of popular slot games like SunCity2, MEGA888, Cleopatra’s Riches, Sun Wu-Kong, and others. 

Founders of XE88 came to us to upgrade the graphics for the games on the platform and make them look more interesting, bright, and attractive for players.

Our Contribution to This Game

Challenges & Goals 

The client wanted us to update both graphics within some of their games and UI, make the website and slot games’ design brighter and more engaging, and add new animations and transitions. Communication was a bit challenging due to the language barrier, but we pushed through it. 


We’ve updated the visual style of slot games on the XE88 platform and enhanced its interface & interaction design.

Solutions & Expertise

Our 2D specialists took care of refreshing & upgrading art for slot games and gameplay animations within them. Because we’ve already worked with design & development for gambling apps, we’ve managed to cover “renovations” in the games published on the platform pretty quickly. 

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