Embark on a captivating journey into the realm of auto battler games, a subgenre that has breathed new life into the world of strategy gaming. Whether you're a gaming enthusiast keen on exploring the auto battler frenzy or a developer aiming to venture into this prosperous domain, this all-encompassing guide has got your back.

From the roots of the genre to the fine details of auto battler game development, we've got it all laid out for you. Ready to dive into the billion-dollar auto battler arena? Here's your comprehensive guide.

What Is An Auto Battler 

What Is An Auto Battler 

Auto battlers represent a fresh wave in the strategy gaming ocean, captivating gamers far and wide in recent times. In this innovative gameplay, players get to build a squad of characters or units, each boasting distinct abilities and prowess. As the battle unfolds, players have a slender grip on their units' maneuvers. The game chiefly runs on autopilot, with the AI steering the battle's tide based on the units' stats and capabilities. Yet, it's noteworthy that while automatic reign is the norm, players can switch to manual mode should they wish.

At a casual glimpse, it might seem like a laid-back affair, but auto battlers are far from it. Players are at the helm, deciding which units to enlist, strategizing their positioning on the battlefield, and tweaking their game plan in real-time as they lock horns with other players or AI adversaries. The fusion of strategy, a dash of luck, and brisk action renders auto battlers a one-of-a-kind and enthralling gaming escapade.

Where Did The Genre Get Its Start 

Dota Auto Battler 

The seeds of the auto battler genre were sown in the annals of history. However, the auto chess phenomenon can be traced back to a celebrated Dota 2 mod dubbed "Dota Auto Chess." Crafted by Drodo Studio, this mod swept across the globe post its early 2019 release. Gamers were instantly smitten by the novel gameplay dynamics and the game's irresistible allure. And just like that, a new genre sprang to life.

Witnessing the triumph of Dota Auto Chess, other game creators swiftly hopped onto the trend, conjuring their renditions of the auto battler genre. Valve Corporation, the powerhouse behind Dota 2, unveiled their standalone gem called "Dota Underlords." Riot Games, the brains behind League of Legends, rolled out "Teamfight Tactics." The mobile gaming sphere also joined the fray with titles like "Auto Chess" by Dragonest Game and "Chess Rush" by Tencent Games making waves.

Most Popular Auto Battlers 

Most Popular Auto Battlers 

Navigating through the plethora of auto battlers available can indeed be a daunting task. Let's simplify the choice by spotlighting some of the crowd-favorites in this genre:

Raid Shadow Legends: Renowned for its eye-catching graphics and the unyielding chase for dominance, this game has garnered a devoted troop of aficionados, always eager to heed the shadows' call. Every summon brings forth a new champion to your brigade, and each skirmish unravels more strategic dimensions.

Summoners War: This game is a captivating concoction of strategy and mysticism, nurturing a loyal community that thrives in the quest for elusive and mighty beings. As the heavenly arena calls, players delve into a tactical ballet of spells and skills to outsmart their rivals.

Heroes Charge: Here's an auto battler that's a vibrant tapestry of traditional RPG facets, collaborative combat, and hero advancement. Rally your team of valiant heroes, each endowed with distinct abilities, and set forth on a mission to triumph over the tumultuous battlefields.

Marvel Strike Force: The cinematic allure and finely sculpted character designs in this game transform every encounter into a monumental face-off. The array of cherished Marvel personas, spanning from Spider-Man to Thanos, unfolds boundless strategic avenues, promising a delightful venture for the Marvel aficionados.

What Does Chess Have To Do With It 

Much like in chess where players tactically maneuver their pieces across the board aiming to outwit and seize their opponent's pieces, auto battlers too have players strategically placing their units on a battlefield with the goal of overpowering their adversaries. The arrangement of units along with their capabilities significantly influence the battle's outcome, mirroring the way movement and positioning of chess pieces do.

Auto Chess Deep Dive: The New Subgenre Solidifies Its Position in the Games Market, Attracting Players and Viewers Alike talks about how Auto Chess has grown into a popular spin on the strategy genre.

Strategic Moves and Innovations Drive Auto Chess Market Towards a Billion-Dollar Future suggests that the auto chess game market is expected to be worth USD 1.5 billion by 2030, growing at a 15.5% CAGR.

Why Choose Autobattler Genre For Game Development 

Auto battlers present a distinct gameplay blend of strategy, a touch of luck, and brisk action. The exhilaration of witnessing your squad of units duke it out on the battlefield, while making on-the-fly decisions to adjust to evolving scenarios, crafts a lively and captivating gameplay narrative. This engaging nature entices players to return, enhancing the replay value of your game.

Moreover, auto battlers often weave in social facets enabling players to either rival or team up with others. This social dimension injects an extra dose of thrill and competition into the game. Players have the opportunity to forge alliances with buddies, partake in tournaments, or ascend the competitive leaderboards. This social milieu cultivates a community spirit and nurtures player engagement, extending the lifespan of your game.

Main Benefits Of The Auto Battler Game Development 

In this segment, we'll delve into the core perks of auto battler game development, encompassing the boons for web and mobile platforms, the methodical journey of game creation, the pathway to becoming an auto battler game developer, handy hints to spice up the game, and the software alternatives at your disposal.

For Web 

Venturing into the domain of auto battler game development for web platforms comes with a bouquet of notable perks. To kick things off, web-based games boast a wider reach since they're accessible from any gadget with internet connectivity, opening doors to a more expansive audience. Besides, the allure of web games lies in the ease of instant play, doing away with the hassle of lengthy downloads and setups. Moreover, tweaking and updating web-based auto battler games is a breeze, enabling developers to roll out fresh features and enhancements without nudging players to go through manual updates.

For Mobile  

The realm of mobile auto battler game development carries its own bundle of benefits. To start with, mobile gadgets have seamlessly blended into our daily routines, tagging along wherever we wander. This round-the-clock accessibility morphs mobile games into highly engaging companions, allowing players to dive into a skirmish while awaiting a bus or unwinding during a lunch hiatus. The handiness and mobility of mobile devices render auto battler games an impeccable match for this platform.

Creating A Game 

auto battler game development

Crafting an auto battler game might seem like a daunting endeavor, but armed with the right blueprint, it can morph into a gratifying journey. Here's a step-by-step roadmap to aid you in birthing your very own auto battler game:

Step-by-step Instruction 

  1. Define the Concept: Pin down the ambiance, the characters, and the overarching gameplay dynamics. Explore existing auto battler games to draw inspiration and pinpoint distinctive elements that will carve a unique identity for your game amidst the competition.
  2. Design the Mechanics: Determine the resolution of battles, the leveling up of characters, and the strategizing avenues for players. Maintaining a balance is pivotal in auto battler games, so ensure that no character or strategy overshadows the gameplay.
  3. Develop the Game: This entails coding the gameplay dynamics, fashioning the visual assets, and integrating sound effects. Employ a game development framework or engine to smoothen the journey and enhance the efficiency of the development.

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  1. Test and Iterate: Gather a group of beta testers to delve into the game and offer feedback. Utilize their insights to spot any glitches or scopes for enhancement, and refine the game accordingly.
  2. Polish and Release: Sharpen the graphics, boost performance, and ascertain that the game operates flawlessly across diverse devices. Opt for suitable distribution avenues, like app stores or game portals, to connect with your intended audience.
  3. Support and Updates: Post the release of your auto battler game, uphold its momentum with regular updates and bug rectifications. Engage with your player base, heed their feedback, and roll out new features to maintain the game's vibrancy and allure.

How To Become An Autobattler Game Developer 

Acquire Programming Skills

Stepping into the realm of auto battler game development calls for a strong foundation in programming. Get acquainted with languages like C++, Java, or Python, which are the stalwarts in the game development arena. The digital world is your oyster when it comes to learning these languages—online tutorials, resources, and coding bootcamps are at your disposal to help you build a robust programming base.

Grasp the Essence of Game Design

While coding is your tool, game design is your canvas. Dive into the core of game design, exploring the dynamics of game mechanics, level design, and player psychology. A solid grasp of these elements will empower you to craft auto battler games that not only engage but immerse players in a captivating gaming experience.

Craft a Portfolio

Your portfolio is your game development story. Kickstart your narrative by engaging in small projects that reflect your skills and comprehension of game development principles. These could range from basic auto battler game prototypes to mini-games that spotlight particular mechanics.

Continuous Learning and Networking

The game development landscape is ever-changing, making it imperative to keep the finger on the pulse of the latest trends, technologies, and industry buzz. Immerse yourself in game development blogs, become an active member of online forums, and make your presence felt at industry events. This not only keeps you updated but also knits you into the vibrant tapestry of the game development community.

How To Make An Auto Battler More Interesting - Tips&Tricks 

Introduce Unique Characters and Abilities

A stellar way to elevate your auto battler game is by unveiling distinctive characters endowed with unique capabilities. Foster a varied lineup of characters that cater to diverse playstyles and tactical approaches. Each character should boast a suite of exceptional abilities or traits that can be enhanced as the adventure unfolds.

Dynamic Battle Environments

While many auto battlers host static battle arenas, embracing vibrant battle scapes can significantly enrich the gameplay. Ponder over integrating environmental challenges or interactive facets within the battleground. For instance, a battlefield adorned with evolving terrain or breakable objects infuses a dash of unpredictability, nudging players to tweak their strategies in real-time.

Regular Updates and Events

Ensuring your auto battler game stays fresh with consistent content refreshes and special occasions is pivotal to sustaining player intrigue. Roll out new characters, capabilities, or battle arenas through updates, and broadcast these enhancements to the player community. This brews excitement and motivates players to return and delve into the fresh content.

Autobattler Game Development Software 

Autobattler Game Development Software 

In this segment, we'll delve into some favored auto battler game development software selections that could be your gateway to crafting that dream game.

Unity stands as a frequently embraced game development engine, furnishing a holistic toolkit for sculpting auto battler games. Its visual scripting ecosystem, known as Unity Playmaker, empowers developers to fabricate game dynamics without delving deep into coding. Additionally, Unity extends a sprawling library of assets, both complimentary and premium, to amplify the visual charm of your game.

On another front, Unreal Engine emerges as a robust game development engine, laden with a spectrum of features tailored for auto battler game creation. Its Blueprint visual scripting framework enables developers to weave intricate gameplay mechanics sans coding. With its realistic graphics prowess, Unreal Engine stands as a stellar pick for those eyeing to create visually arresting auto battler games.

Godot, an open-source game development engine, is carving a niche among indie game creators. It's lauded for its intuitive interface and a potent scripting dialect, paving the way for flexible and streamlined game development. With its multi-platform support, Godot morphs into a versatile ally for those keen on developing auto battler games for both web and mobile realms.

Pros And Cons 

Auto battler game development unfolds several advantages that make it an attractive choice for game developers:

  1. Unique Gameplay: Auto battler games usher in a refreshing and distinctive gameplay narrative that resonates with a broad spectrum of players.
  2. Monetization Prospects: These games open up diverse monetization avenues, encompassing in-game ads, microtransactions, and subscription models.
  3. Cross-platform Compatibility: Auto battlers can be crafted for both web and mobile platforms, facilitating a smooth transition for players between devices.
  4. Engaging Gameplay Mechanics: The strategic essence and prompt decision-making intrinsic to auto battler games render them highly captivating and immersive.
  5. Social Interaction: Often, auto battler games meld in social features, enabling players to challenge friends, share milestones, and forge alliances.


While auto battler game development has numerous benefits, there are also some challenges to consider:

  1. Competitive Market: he auto battler gaming market is fiercely competitive, posing a challenge to carve a niche amidst other renowned titles.
  2. Balancing Complexity:Harmonizing the gameplay dynamics and character capabilities in auto battler games can turn into a complex and time-intensive endeavor.
  3. Player Retention: Sustaining player engagement over extended periods demands regular game updates and fresh content to keep the intrigue alive.
  4. Resource Intensive: Crafting auto battler games with cutting-edge graphics and intricate mechanics may call for substantial resources in terms of time, expertise, and budget.
  5. Technical Challenges: Tailoring auto battler games for multiple platforms may usher in technical snags, like optimizing performance and ensuring seamless compatibility.

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Final Thoughts on Succeeding in Auto Battler Game Development 

Delving into auto battler game development opens up a treasure trove of possibilities for developers to craft distinctive and captivating gaming adventures. Whether your arena is web or mobile platforms, adhering to a step-by-step blueprint, honing the requisite skills, and enriching your game with thoughtful design decisions is the way to go. Armed with the apt software tools and a spirit of ceaseless learning, you're on the path to a fulfilling voyage as an auto battler game developer.



What Is An Auto Battler? 

An auto battler is like conducting a strategic symphony. You assemble a team of heroes or units, set their formations, and then watch as they automatically battle opponents. Your tactical brilliance lies in selecting, positioning, and upgrading them wisely. Victory dances to the rhythm of your strategic prowess.

Why Should I Choose Autobattler Genre For Game Development?

Embrace the autobattler genre to unveil gaming's strategic evolution. It offers dynamic, automated battles that captivate both casual and hardcore players. With its fusion of strategy and automation, your game stands at the crossroads of innovation, luring in strategists and tacticians alike for an engaging and fresh gaming experience.

How Can I Make An Auto Battler More Interesting? 

Elevate your auto battler by infusing unpredictability. Introduce varied battlefield effects, unique hero interactions, and surprise events. Employ a symphony of balance between strategy and randomness. By choreographing a dance of strategic complexity, you'll keep players on their toes and transform your game into an ever-engaging tactical spectacle.