Max Slobodyanyuk - iLogos Game Studios

Max Slobodyanyuk Bio

Founder, Board Director

Max is a founder of iLogos Game Studios and used to be our CEO — now, he serves here as a Board Member and an advisor. He’s a tech exec, investor, entrepreneur, and mentor for young startups and he’s been working in tech for 12 years.

Max is a founder and a former CEO of Nika Entertainment, a global mobile and canvas games self-publisher and developer with 60M+ players worldwide. He also works as an LP at the Aventures Capital venture firm and in Nika Tech Family, which he has also founded; Nika includes ten fast-growing tech companies.

So: Max worked in gamedev companies that need third-party services—in outsourcing companies that provide them—and as a publisher game devs pitch to. Max’s experience is invaluable to iLogos, his passion for games is infectious — and he’s also a fan and a grand-master of the positive unit economy and result-focused gamedev.

Max was named an Honorary Inventor by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). He holds an MBA and a Ph.D.