iLogos Game Studios, a Ukrainian top gamedev company will hire 100 more experts this summer. Follow this link

iLogos works with industry giants such as Sony, EA, and Warner Brothers and has around 300 gamedev professionals.

At the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the company suffered like many others on the market. The 24th of February divided life into before and after, but for iLogos, this was already the 2nd war, so the team was prepared. 


ilogos team

About remote work

With remote pipelines and some employees that already worked abroad, it was easier to relocate the rest of the company to safer places, we did it effectively with 24/7 emotional and material support.

Since April, we have already returned 98% of our productivity. We did not lose a single client, but signed 4 new contracts and opened 50 vacancies. Right now, iLogos Game Studios has huge plans for growth. This summer, we will open another 50 new jobs. 


Nikolay Minaev, CEO at iLogos Game Studios, noted 

“iLogos has always been a global company working with international clients. Now we make one more step towards true diversity and globalization. We transform our processes, internal communication calls, and corporate culture to hire the best gamedev professionals from all over the world (except Russia and Belarus).”

Who we are looking for 

The company is actively looking for Unity developers from middle to lead, Game Designers, 3D artists, and .Net and C++ developers to join our team. 

Date and time of the event

23th of June, come to the online event “iLogos Open Door Day'' and meet our representatives or visit iLogos Career website for more information.