Let's connect, collaborate, and create at the heart of the gaming world.

We are thrilled to announce that iLogos Game Studios will be partaking in the prestigious ICE London 2024, the world's leading gaming conference, scheduled for 6-8 February. This gathering is a beacon for gaming aficionados and industry pioneers from across the globe, providing a vibrant platform for exchange, innovation, and networking.

ICE London stands as a crucible of creativity, where the latest trends, technologies, and groundbreaking ideas in gaming converge. It's an event that resonates with our mission at iLogos – to push the boundaries of game development through innovative solutions and collaborative partnerships.

At iLogos, we pride ourselves on our extensive portfolio and a solid track record of delivering exceptional gaming experiences. Our commitment to excellence and innovation has positioned us as a trusted partner in the game development outsourcing arena. ICE London 2024 offers us a unique opportunity to showcase our capabilities, explore new trends, and engage with both current and prospective partners.

Our team is gearing up to demonstrate our latest projects, share insights, and discuss the future of gaming with fellow enthusiasts and industry professionals. We are especially excited to unveil new partnerships and cutting-edge solutions that are set to redefine gaming standards.

Over 18 years of crafting titles for premier gaming firms, we've garnered unparalleled expertise and methodologies beneficial to the iGaming sector, particularly in:

  • Crafting engaging mini-games
  • Creating art for casino titles
  • Developing robust back-end systems for high-demand environments

📅 To arrange a bespoke meeting at the event, connect with Sebastien BRU.

🎲 Join us to maximize the opportunities at ICE 2024! 🌐