If you want to create not just a good game but an incredible project, you cannot do without cutting-edge technologies. Today, Unreal Engine 5 is one of the most powerful tools for creating game worlds. Incredible graphical capabilities, user-friendly development environment, and great potential make it a good choice for AAA titles.

And yes: creating a project of this magnitude is easier than you think. You do not need to have a large game studio to organize a team. You can hire Unreal Engine developers and start bringing your idea to life!

In this article, you will know all about Unreal Engine 5 benefits and how to hire a game developer who knows how to use 100% of these features.

Why outsource Unreal Engine 5 game development

This game engine is powerful but also very complex. For Unreal game development, the company must have a high level of expertise. Especially if you want to create a next-gen game that will impress the audience. Whether you're releasing a game on PC, consoles, VR, or AR, Unreal Engine 5 will deliver incredible results when you hire the right team.

To work with Unreal Engine 5 you should have wide expertise that allows you to work with it without a long period of study. Experienced developers worked not only with the latest version of the engine but also with the previous ones, on dozens of projects. Hiring such professionals for your team is expensive and not so easy. However, you can use external game development. In this case, you will receive a professional team. It’s better than finding a game dev for hire. Highly qualified developers, designers, artists, and other specialists will help you create an incredible game.

Unreal Engine 5 features

Unreal Engine 5 features

This game engine is created for next-gen platforms and has great potential. Using Unreal Engine 5, you can create large-scale and detailed game worlds. And you can do it much faster and more efficiently than before.

The best visual in the industry

The main advantage of the engine is its incredible graphics capabilities designed for next-generation games. Physically based Unreal Engine rendering, ray tracing, advanced dynamic shadows, and improved reflections will allow you to create an incredibly realistic game world.

Detailed characters

Appearance and clothes help to reveal the nature of the character. And with Unreal Engine 5, you will create the most thoughtful heroes for your story. MetaHuman Creator allows you to create objects with eight levels of detailing. You can work out everything: down to the smallest hairs on the eyebrows.

Artist-friendly technology

Thanks to the Blueprint visual script, you can create game functionality without coding. You can work with object behavior, user interface, etc.

Full access to C++ source code

With free access to the source code, your opportunities are unlimited. Unreal Engine company regularly updates information about code on GitHub, so you don't have to wait for the next product release. It means that you can bring to life any ideas for your game.

4 stages of Unreal Engine game development

The stages depend on the approach of the external developer you choose. Also, they may differ depending on the step when you have decided to hire a game developer. But every game goes through these four steps. 

  • Concept. You express your vision, and we analyze the market and opportunities. At this stage, you can determine the main mechanics, the core of the plot, and other details.
  • Preproduction stage. During this phase, we prepare all documentation. We compile the game budget, key benchmarks, visual guides, and other details to streamline the development process.
  • Development. The longest stage, at which we bring all ideas into reality. Depending on the game's complexity, the process can take from six months to several years.
  • Release and support. After the game is launched, the development studio can handle updates and further support for the game.

These stages are typical for full-cycle development. However, you can hire our team to develop a separate part of the game. You can find out more on our services page.

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How much does it cost to hire a game developer on Unreal Engine 5

Development is a long process that depends on many factors. Therefore, you will not find a fixed price for creating a game. If you are looking to hire an unreal game development company, write a detailed description of your project, and we will tell you how much budget you will need to implement it. 

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