At the end of March Svitlanka Sergiichuk, CBDO and Board Member, and David Cohen,  Senior Director of Business Development, visited Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. As they immersed themselves in the five-day conference, they were blown away by the innovative and game-changing products and ideas that their colleagues had brought to the table. 


The GDC is a unique platform that brings together game developers from all around the world to share their ideas, work out problems, and collaborate toward the future of the industry. The attendees include programmers, artists, producers, game designers, audio professionals, and business leaders - all of whom are passionate about gaming and pushing the industry forward.


We caught up with David Cohen, our Senior Director of Business Development, to learn more about his thoughts and experiences at GDC.

The GDC: A Confluence of Talent and Inspiration

“I was very impressed by the turnout this year, which was around 28k attendees. It feels like the electricity and magic are back in the game dev industry, and I felt a very positive vibe this year. 


I saw some very interesting and creative indie games there, and that tells me that the industry is likely at another inflection point as we move to web3 and figure out the use of smart contracts and cryptographically protected user-generated content”.

Networking and Building Relationships

“For business in a services-based company, it is absolutely essential because business is based on relationships in our corner of the industry, and the best way for humans to forge great relationships with each other is in face-to-face communication. It is very important for internal teams, external partners, and clients to have a chance to hang out with each other in a safe, fun, and inspiring environment. This is the only way to form a bond strong enough to push through all challenges and pain points without fear of losing business or breaking partnerships”.

Embracing Change and Opportunity

It is crucial to keep an eye on industry trends and embraces new technologies and methodologies to identify opportunities for growth and expansion into new markets. He believes that being open to change is important for success in the gaming industry.

At GDC, David was impressed by the creative and innovative indie games on display, which signaled a new inflection point for the industry as it moved towards web3 and explores the use of smart contracts and cryptographically protected user-generated content.

Overall, the GDC was an unforgettable experience for Svitlanka and David, and they returned to iLogos with fresh ideas and inspiration for pushing the gaming industry forward.

Stay tuned for announcements of other events, that we are planning to attend. There are surely plenty of them!