Svitlanka Sergiichuk - iLogos Game Studios

Svitlanka Sergiichuk Bio

CBDO, Board Member

Svitlanka is a CBDO and Board Member of iLogos Game Studios: she controls and manages the company’s client-related operations.

Brilliant business developer and entrepreneur, she’s spent nine years building businesses within technology domains and scaling them. Built seven international business development units from scratch. Grown four companies 5x times. Partnered with A-level brands and developed service distribution channels covering markets in Europe, UK, Middle East, China, and the Americas.

Currently, Svitlanka is also a GP in the Nika Tech Family investment fund that targets startups in service businesses.

Svitlanka truly believes that life is a game — and when it seems that you’re stuck, there always will be a super turn behind that dark and shady corner — a narrative reason, as to say, for punishing the player.