Unity is a game engine popular among small game studios and large developers. In the last year, the number of Unity creators increased by 31%. And there were 50% more unity-based games published in every category: from hypercasual to hardcore. People are still playing games on PC, consoles, and mobile devices. And developer revenue increased by 30% during last year.

So, if you want to create a game, it’s time to do it. And Unity might be the best option to choose. Its main advantage is in its wide range of possibilities and multiplatform. In the last five years, the number of multiplatform games has grown by 200%! With Unity, you can reach the most popular devices and get the biggest possible audience for your game.

Despite the convenience and simplicity of the engine, you will need professionals to develop high-quality games on it. And in addition to game developers, you need a team that will help bring your game to a new level. 

Let's see why a unity game developer is a great choice to implement any of your ideas. And why it's better to choose unity game studio instead of freelancers.

Benefits of Unity for game development

Hire a Unity Game DeveloperWith this engine, you can create an exciting indie game with minimal gameplay or a close-to-AAA project with unique mechanics. Here are some reasons to choose this engine for your project and find a Unity gamedevs for hire.

Variety of possibilities

Firewatch, Hollow Knight, Fall Guys, Superhot, Escape From Tarkov, and Remnant: From the Ashes: all these games with different styles and mechanics are united by one game engine. You can choose any form to implement your idea.

For clickers and platformers, the basic features of Unity are enough. And for more complex mechanics, you can implement components written in C# into the game. For a qualified developer or game studio, this is not a problem.

Many platforms and technologies

On the Unity engine, you can create projects for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Android, iOS, Nintendo, and more. In addition, the engine supports DirectX and OpenGL. After developing a game for one platform, you can port it to another to expand the audience.

Unity also works with all modern effects, including real-time ray tracing technology. If you still think that Unity is only suitable for modest indie projects, check out some techno demos from developers. With this engine, you can create an incredible game with cutting-edge technologies.

Simplified development process

Unity has a huge library of assets and plugins that can save time for development. Games use a large set of repetitive elements, and templates help to simplify the workflow and avoid popular mistakes. It means that your development budget will also decrease.

Free access

This engine has a free version that is suitable for game development. All functions are the same. Of course, this version has limits. The limit on income from the created game should not exceed $100 000 per year. Also, the Unity logo will be displayed before the opening credits. However, if you want to create without limits, just buy the pro version of the engine.

Unity game developer skills

To develop games on Unity, you need to know all capabilities of the engine and work with Java and C#. A programming language is required to integrate individual modules and functions into the project to add new functions to the game.

While the engine is popular with newbies, Unity game development company takes game creation to the next level. Experienced developers are not only familiar with the functionality. They have also worked out their skills on dozens of projects. Therefore, a skilled developer always knows how to implement your idea. He knows how many resources will be needed for this, whether additional functionality is required, and whether it is possible to save time and budget using ready-made solutions.

Also, in unity game development companies, developers work in teams with other specialists to create games with a unique art style and compelling story.

How to hire a game developer

So, you've decided to create a game on the Unity engine. What's next? Let's find a good developer! You can build your team from scratch, find a freelancer, or hire a unity game studio.

Self-searching for specialists will take a lot of time and effort. Experienced developers are usually busy with other projects, while talented students have little experience. Working with freelancers can be unpredictable, especially if you are hiring several people at once for different tasks. But hiring a game studio is a profitable and safe solution.

Creating a game is a complex process that requires a lot of resources. In game development studios, this process has already been worked out. Instead of individual specialists, you will get a well-coordinated team that can solve any problems. Outsourcing will help you go beyond the limits. With the iLogos team, you can realize any ideas!

What are the stages of Unity game development

stages of Unity game developmentUnity game development workflow may differ depending on the tasks. However, there are three main stages in the production of any game. These stages are present in Unity-based games either.


Before creating a game, you have to decide on the concept, scale, setting, and basic mechanics. At this stage, game creators usually make sketches of the game world and characters, draw a storyboard, and highlight the main game features. Careful preparation at this stage will save time and resources later on.


The most time-consuming stage is the embodiment of the concept into reality. Several steps can also be distinguished here: developing process, UI and UX design, and QA testing. After that, the game goes through a debugging process and retesting. Developers can repeat some stages several times.


When the game is ready, the pre-release stage begins. Usually, developers test the finished product on target groups. And, if they have some serious complaints, the game goes for revision. In the final stages, marketing is involved so that the largest number of people know about it by the time the game is released.

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How much does it cost to hire a game developer

The cost depends on many factors. The price is affected by the complexity of your project, the need to integrate additional modules, and the number of gaming platforms. At iLogos, you can order full-cycle development or hire a game developer for a separate stage. Our team's portfolio includes 458 completed projects and collaborations with indies and giants like Sony, EA, Wargaming, and Warner Brothers.

If you are looking for a game developer for hire, contact us, and we will calculate the approximate cost of services for your tasks.