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School Battle

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School Battle

Game Intro

School Battle is a mobile strategy game, where players develop their schools, train the team of students to develop science and fight The Evil (™) with their knowledge and send them on a quest to figure out the nature of the mysterious virus spreading in their town. 

ITL, a developer of the game, asked us to design concept art for the game — and we did.

Our Contribution to This Game

Challenges & Goals 

The client wanted to develop an art style — cartoonish, in 2D, mostly using warm color palettes — that was based on the IP of a project they already had in development. We needed to find the right feel for environmental and location background design — and also for character art.


We created a series of concepts describing main game locations, characters, and objects. These art assets were then used as a basis for art production within School Battle’s game development. 

Solutions & Expertise

Our artists crafted beautiful art for various rooms in the school, locations of the city the player’s group is supposed to be traveling through, battlefields, etc. We had a lot of fun creating posters and additional interior design elements for the room, to convey a vibe of creativity and science that schools usually give off. Character design and getting their facial expression right have also been enjoyable challenges to work with. 

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