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Animal Jam

  • 2017’s Google Play Awards for Best Kids’ App
  • 130 million installs
  • 3.3 million MAU at the end of 2020
  • “Amazing game to keep in touch with your buds” (Amazon)
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Game Intro

Jamaa is a virtual world where players, as different animals, interact with each other, design their dens (a bit of Minecraft here), trade various items, hang out at parties, or complete small RPG quests. Apart from being a vibrant, colorful, and fun 3D world to talk with your friend group and play as a wolf or an axolotl, there are also lots of educational facts about zoology, biology, and ecology — lots of narrative design for that part stems from WildWorks’ collaboration with scientists. It’s one of the top kids’ games in App Stores and Google Play and was very popular during the quarantine of 2020.

We provided WildWorks with lots of 3D art and new concept designs for new pets, decorative items, and so on.

Our Contribution to This Game

Challenges & Goals

Open-world game for kids that’s aimed at motivating them to explore new regions of the world — and create, design, and decorate within them — requires regular, frequent updates and quite a lot of visual content.

That’s what iLogos needed to do: art, in WildWorks’ style, delivered according to their production schedule within the process that made content creation frictionless and as straightforward as possible for both sides. We also needed to optimize art for WildWorks’ animation artists and developers before sending it down the pipeline.


The pipeline we’ve developed for art transfer cut a lot of friction from the delivery process — and made it possible for WildWorks to retain players better and constantly improve their experience. That positively impacted the revenue of Animal Jam. Our team of 14 artists developed amazing fun concepts and beautiful designs for new dens, pets, items, and so on — and we enjoy doing it so much (it’s pets! We love pets.)

Solutions & Expertise

We built a process that helped us create more ready-to-be-animated art content for WildWorks within very tight deadlines of their production schedule (which is a thing when you run a very popular kids’ game.) Our artists’ immense skills made possible seamless replication and expansion of WildWorks’ original style.

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